Easy Monsoon Hacks For A Healthy You
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Easy Monsoon Hacks For A Healthy You

Rainy season is the most loved season as it brings refreshment after the scorching hot summers. Everyone enjoys it with some nice hot beverages and the most tempting snacks, but hey! You should not ignore the consequences of this loved season as it brings along the possibilities of ailments like food poisoning, jaundice, cholera, malaria, viral fevers, cold & cough and stomach upsets. Following are the easy monsoon hacks for a healthy you.

Here are few nutritional easy monsoon hacks for a healthy you.


Hygiene and sanitation is the most important part when it comes to protecting self during monsoons. Right from sanitation of food to personal hygiene, all basics should be taken care of. Selection of fruits & vegetable basis on quality, thorough washing after buying especially green leafy vegetables which attract most of the dirt, cutting & chopping methods should be kept in mind. Cutting fruits or vegetables and keeping them exposed or storing for later use should be avoided, cutting it fresh just before usage should be practiced.

Say no to stale food 

Stale food/food prepared a day prior should be avoided. Consumption of any food within 2 hrs. of preparation gives the best nutritional qualities, also reduces the exposure of micro-organisms to the food. Reheating practices should also be kept away as it reduces the nutritional properties.

Go For Functional foods

In monsoon, the digestion is weakened but don’t let that affect your immunity. Our simple traditional super foods play a vital role and help for easy digestion & building immunity. Garlic, ginger, pepper, asafoetida, turmeric are a few immunity boosting foods which can be used in daily cooking. Probiotics help in the growth of good gut bacteria and hence reduce the risk of stomach upsets and indigestion. Probiotics like curd, yogurt, yakult should be consumed on daily basis.

Change that water

Boiled or filtered water should be consumed and should be changed after every 6-7 hrs. Avoid drinking water outside. In unavoidable circumstances bottled water/tetra pack beverages/coconut water can be consumed.

Food temperature does matter

Consuming hot foods, and foods prepared fresh gives you the best nutritional properties. Adding warm beverages in daily meals suit the best for the weather as well as for the stomach. So anything hot is good.

These hacks will help you enjoy the rains without falling sick, Happy Monsoon!

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