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Mona’s Weight Loss Success Story! A Healthy Weight Loss With Simple Kitchen Foods!

Read how Mona lost 5 kilos in just 1.5 months and feels happy and proud as her weight loss dream comes true!*

I run a fitness and Beauty Center – Gauri Gym & Parlour near Shalimar Garden, Delhi. Despite working out vigorously and having a strict watch on my food, I was finding it very difficult to lose weight. It was like as if my weight got stagnant. I was 89 when I started gym regularly and managed to get my weight to 85 kilos. But that was not my goal. I used to be 55 kilos at some point and I desperately needed to shed more weight.

My weight kept fluctuating after my pregnancy and unfortunately chikungunya hit me. I was advised complete bed rest which made my weight gradually increase over the years.

Obino was introduced by a family friend!

A family friend who is a member of Obino had achieved great results. He lost around 10 kgs with Obino and referred me. That’s when I decided to take up Obino’s Health Coaching. This was a great decision I feel.

My Journey with Obino Begins!

When I registered for the program Coach Bhumika was assigned to me and she carried out a detailed consult call to understand my needs and preferences. I was thoroughly explained about the entire program. What I liked most was the diet was made as per my preferences with easy to make options. I did not have to spend much time in preparations. Giving her daily meal updates and regular messages and calls from her made me feel accountable to her. She guided me with apt suggestions even when I had to eat out.

Initially, I was a bit worried whether I would lose weight or no because usually when we go on a diet, there is an assumption of either being starved or have to opt for different foods not pertaining to a typical home-made food. But here it was different.

Obino Diets – Tailored for You!

I was surprised and happy to know that I could eat all the foods of my choice. I was given options only from the regular kitchen –foods that we make. I learnt that adding variations fulfills all our nutrient requirements. Of course there were a few additions like having a cup of green tea which I had never consumed. But now I am so accustomed to it that I stopped my second serving of milk tea and replaced it with the healthy green tea. Fruits have now become a part of my daily diet. Eating healthy makes me feel great.

Obino’s Health Coaching – A Perfect Push for Me!

I realized that, diet is quintessential for losing weight. Despite trying hard for years, only gym was not giving me results. I needed expert advice which was provided to me by Obino. Not only did the coach’s advice help me, in a way I was motivated to face the challenge which stood in front of me. The push I got from her made me more confident. It doesn’t seem that I’m on a diet because I’m just eating regular foods just at the right time and in the right combination.

Healthy Eating – Makes an Integral Part of My Life!

I had gone on a break for 15 days. I realized that I have become conscious and alert of whatever food enters my mouth. Those 15 days was like a test for me. I actually managed to maintain my weight. This proves that this can help me to maintain my weight once I achieve my target.

I have learnt to eat in moderation, stick to home cooked foods and working out hand–in-hand. I wish to continue with Obino forever.

Advice to Others!

I would like to suggest Obino’s health coaching to everyone struggling with your weight. Obino definitely gives results. It is essential to lose weight the healthy way and Obino provides the perfect guidance.

Special Thanks to Coach Bhumika –

You have become my friend and I am highly obliged for your friendly guidance that has helped me achieve what I have always wished for. Your punctual reminders, your guidance and suggestions have made me alert and conscious towards healthy eating. I will always be grateful for the motivation and push you provided me towards achieving my goal. Thank you once again.

*Results may vary from person to person


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