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Want to Lose Weight! Expert Help OR DIY?

Want to Lose Weight?

Oh yes, you do need an expert, no doubts about that. But do you need to go out and pay someone for their expertise, well I have mixed feelings about the same. The Dictionary defines an “expert” as a person who is very knowledgeable or skilful in a particular area. And if we go by that definition, then what it simply means is that anyone who can acquire the relevant skills and knowledge has the potential to become an expert.

So let us narrow it down and talk in the context of weight loss.

In layman terms I have come to realise that Weight Loss is 70% diet + 30% exercise. So let us tackle these two key items one by one and derive whether we need an expert or not. And no, I still don’t have an outcome in mind and we will find it together.


We all know that a balanced diet is the key to a sustained weight loss.

The idea is not only to lose weight but be able to sustain that Weight Loss over a long period of time (what was the point of losing weight otherwise???) Now we have all heard about those Expert Dieticians who are able to do dietary magic and make people lose tonnes of weight. How do they do it? Any magic potions…nah, I don’t think so. Then how do they do it???

I haven’t consulted one ever so my best guess is they would give you detailed suggestions on the kind and quantity of food that should be a part of your meal and also the ones that you should definitely avoid.

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So now the million dollar question is How do We decide What to eat and What Not to?

2014.05.21 - Post3 - Ver2 - Image2 - Lose WeightWith the world at our finger tips a quick google search with the right key words should give us some insight.

So let me go ahead and type “Fat loss food” in google . I opened the first link that took me to and the items it lists are whole grains,

From my experience these do work.

A Further drill down into various articles has already helped me prepare my grocery list for the week. So I guess we have safely concluded that we do not really need an expert to help us plan our meals but yes we need to have the knowledge& experience.

Also please remember what works for one person might not work for someone else. Do extensive research, subscribe to newsletters and read as much as you can. Stay away from fad diets…simply put what sounds too good to be true probably isn’t true. There are tonnes of apps available as well that helps you record your food intake, count the calories and keep you on track.


There are different forms of exercises ranging from highly extensive circuit training to pilates & yoga. Now a part of these can be done at home without any supervision but the biggest question arise is how do we choose what kind of exercise regime should one follow and how do we ensure that we derive the maximum benefit.

Now I would of course not undermine the importance of a fitness trainer/instructor especially if you are new to the world of exercise. A trainer can make a work out plan for you and also supervise that the exercise is being done correctly. Its extremely crucial to avoid injuries while doing a lot of the exercises and a trainer definitely acts as an air bag.

2014.05.21 - Post3 - Ver2 - Image1 - Lose Weight YoutubeHowever if you are like me (read lazy) and can’t seem to find the time to make it to a gym or any other fitness studio , there is still hope. I am a big fan of You tube. There are tonnes of exercises available online.

The idea is to watch them repeatedly, decide which one can you begin with and follow the instructions to the “t”. I am also an addict to the fitness dvd’s and some of the ones that I have tried and liked and have had got successful results are by Jane Fonda, Jillian Michaels and our very own Bipasha Basu.

The key here is to start slow and master the form and voila you will surprise yourself with the results.

Joining support groups with friends also can help one stay on track and give tried and tested tricks and tips.

So , we have safely deduced that having an expert definitely can kick start and help maintain the momentum however if you have the determination not having one in no way will stop you from being a fitter you.

Always remember: “The expert in anything was once a BEGINNER”