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Abs are Made in the Kitchen!

Remember the last time you stuffed yourself into those low-slung jeans and your Abs popped up over the waistband! And you desperately wished that you had a smooth flat stomach and toned Abs! 

Well…here’s how!

2014.06.03 - Tarun Sidhu - Post1 - Ver2 - Miss.Understood - Image2 Lifting WeightsGetting rock-solid abs is indeed a Herculean task. And Yes, it’s a fact that you’ll have to unleash your inner beast in the gym and sweat out those extra pounds, but the fact that most people often forget is that a set of 6-Pack or Toned Abs is a joint product of both gym-time and kitchen-time.

A balanced and healthy diet is the secret weapon you need for the that smooth flat stomach held in place by toned and ridged Sparta-like Abs.

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 So here are a few basic Tips to set you off on the journey to acquiring those ‘Abs of Steel’:

Eat More, Not Less

Forget about the staple three meals a day. For toned Abs, you need a low body fat percentage & that comes from a revved up metabolism. So try having six, small meals a day at 2-3 hour intervals to keep the metabolism going. This will also ensure that you’re never hungry and therefore avoid bingeing!

Pssst…Ensure that your Protein Intake is high, especially after a Workout to help repair & build calorie-burning muscle.

Keep it Liquid

It is important to stay hydrated during the day and especially during a rigorous workout session. If you drink less, then your body will retaliate by holding in water (Water Retention) which is one of the primary causes for bloated tummies So, make sure that an adequate amount of Water is a vital part of a your Diet. And in case, you’re wondering about what’s adequate – let Thirst be your Guide!

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Say ‘Yes’ to Veggies

2014.09.27 - Abs are Also Made in the Kitchen - Image1Everyone knows that Fruits are important and you probably choke down a few but we’re going to remind you to listen to your Mom and eat your Veggies too.

Fruits & Veggies are the perfect source of nutrients and stomach-cleansing Fibre & consuming them on a regular basis will not only help you feel light and energetic but also give you Good Carbs.

Some Fats Are Good

Crucial vitamins and minerals needed for your body are fat-soluble, so do remember that Good Fats must form at least 15-20% of your Daily Diet. Get these from good oils like Canola, Olive, etc and from Nuts and Seeds.

In Conclusion


  • Have a Balanced Breakfast high in carbs & Fibre!
  • Carry a Snack! Nuts, dried fruits and seeds are the perfect option
  • Choose to consume a lot of Greens & not-so-sweet Fruits
  • Get some Protein both Before & especially After Working out
  • Green tea definitely helps…as many times as you like during the Day
  • Get at least 30 Mts of Extra Sleep for Every Hour that you Work out


  • Stay away from Deep fried food (No more McAloo Tikki for you 🙂
  • Booze will need to be avoided, especially Beer and Wine
  • Say a temporary goodbye to Chocolates (Cheat with an occasional Bitter Chocolate)
  • Keep your Evening Carbs low
  • Opt for Home-cooked meals
  • Restrain the Amount of Salt that you use

And in conclusion…pick a Abs-Buddy whose job it is to prod and poke you to your goal…cos as we always say…Guilt Sure Works!

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