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6 Simple Ways To Look Like A Million Bucks!

Since I have gained weight unrealistically and lost dramatically after a lot of trial and error, I can give you a few points that are sure-shot miracle workers, if those extra pounds trouble you a lot.

Mind you, I am not an advocate of ‘Target Size-Zero’. Just as much as I am not a fan of being thin but with a big belly or flabby arms. I believe in staying healthy and fit and looking it. So if you are a fan of skinny/slim and are looking for tips to stay hungry(!) then read no further.

1. Morning Cleansing

You would have heard this several times but have not done it long enough to see the results. Lemon juice and honey in lukewarm water. Gulp it down first thing in the morning when you wake up. Not just to wash out the toxins and help with weight-loss. It’s great for your skin too! Not 1 day. Not 2 weeks. 3 months. That’s when the mirror will start smiling back at you (if it does not for some reason now!)

2. Do Not Starve At Any Point

If you do, then you’ll crave for all things evil and will eat anything in sight. So the key is to eat at all times.

Yes you heard that right. All times!

Other than a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, keep yourself from working up a heavy appetite for the next meal, by nibbling on little somethings that make you feel full without adding to the calories. How is that, you ask? The key word in your 3 primary meals is ‘healthy’. Egg whites/milk (protein at breakfast), small portion of rice, raw and cooked greens, nothing fried (carbs, vitamins and minerals at lunch) and more raw greens, wholegrain (fibre for dinner). The in-betweens should be fruits or a few nuts.

No junk! 5 days of strict adherence to this routine allows me to have that ice-cream/chocolate or that piece of fried chicken on weekends! That’s my rainbow! So really, eating healthy does not mean you will never get to taste those yummies ever again!

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3. Wash the weight out with water

It’s literally an inside wash. Drink a litre on empty stomach in the morning and then two more through the day and in a couple of months you will start feeling lighter every time you pee!

4. Dine Early

How would you feel if asked to work when you are all set to sleep at night? Not great right?

So you will understand if your tummy doesn’t want to either. Eat at least two hours before you go horizontal. Let your tummy finish off the heavy-duty digestion process before you take it to bed. Eating late is known to be the main cause for that ill-fated paunch that we all know is most difficult to get rid off!

5. Work it. Burn it

There is no escape from exercise.

What you have accumulated in terms of excess fat is not easy to get rid off unless you work it and burn it. So play a sport, swim, go for brisk walk with friends, take a walk where you usually take your car. Keep it varied so you don’t get bored. If you haven’t had an active lifestyle and what you have consumed has not been burnt out then you have to work extra hard to burn it off.

The above said diet changes will make it easier for you but you gotta burn what you gotta burn. Not just to lose weight but to fight off diseases that come with age and turn you into that milestone instead of someone that crosses several. Staying active also helps you fight the stress of everyday life. You seriously will not regret some endorphins!

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6. Stay off that weighing scale

This one is extremely personal but it might just work the same way for you, hence sharing.

When you start losing weight, you tend to check your weight at every opportunity. When I reach a point I have aspired for, for the longest time, I tend to get very happy and proud of myself and treat myself to that extra sin which is absolutely forbidden. I tend to think, ‘oh I can totally burn this off’, but no, that leads me back to my addiction, hence slowing down the process of losing weight. So I suggest you stay off till you feel you have reached your target.

The obsession with checking weight at every opportunity is also known to have caused people I know to eat lesser and lesser fearing weight-gain. And that’s not good either.

So, go out there…try this and tell me if it works for you like it worked for me!

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