Losing weight is not for the faint-hearted.

And what’s most galling about ‘a diet’, at least the ones most dietitians or nutritionists will put you on, is the immediate and total ban on rice.

Figures! If they remove your favorite dish from your meals, you’ll definitely eat less :) But for asians, and especially Indians, staying away from rice is akin to fasting – and we will eventually succumb. And when we do, we’ll binge to such an extent that all the benefits of abstaining will be wiped clean.

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So, is staying away from Rice the solution? Does prohibition work? The answer to both questions – a resounding No! And here at ObiNo, we promote an approach of awareness,to understand the problem before you attempt to solve it. So lets get a closer look at our chief accused – Rice!

Rice in itself is a great addition to your daily diet.

Its super-low in saturated fats & has no cholesterol, sodium or sugar. And that people, is probably the answer as to why a lot of the asian people you see (and marvel at) are in such amazing shape, despite their staple ingredient being, you guessed it – Rice!

So, what is the fuss all about?

Well, that would be in how calorie-dense it is & how much we consume of it. To understand that a little better, lets have a quick glance at some of the common carbs that we eat on a daily basis – the ones that we are usually asked to substitute for Rice during the process of quickly losing weight.

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Carbs-Calorie Comparison

Rice, White (medium-grain, cooked), 1 heaped small bowl/katori, 242 calories

Bread, White (commercially-prepared), 2 large slices, 160 calories

Roti (or chapati), 2 Nos, 240 calories

Most meals for us, visually, would be complete with 2 Slices of Bread or 2 Rotis, but can you imagine a meal with just one little helping of Rice? Probably not. And that is where the issue starts. When we help ourselves to a couple of helpings of Rice, the calories from that alone cross about 500 cals & since 500-600 calories per meal is generally the overall limit for someone trying to lose weight, you can see how that doesn’t work.

So the moral of the story people, in do-it-yourself weight loss, is not to give up what you love, but to understand the fine art of portion-control. You. Can. Eat. Whatever. You. Want…just as long as you do so in moderation with a stern eye on the overall calories consumed.

So happy eating, Rice and all.


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