South African Rooibos

by Gardner Street


  • Herbal Tea
  • 75 gms loose tea
  • 2 gms of tea/cup. Makes 35-40 cups of tea
  • Caffeine quantity: 0
  • Flavor note: Fruity with Vanilla




South African Rooibos 75g

A caffeine-free red tea made from a tribal herb called Rooibos with flavors found deep in the heart of South Africa. South African Rooibos is sweetish nutty flavors satisfy the sweet tooth minus the calories and help get a good night’s sleep. It clears the skin and helps in preventing premature aging.


Herbal tea – Rooibos, marigold, vanilla and orange peel

Brewing instructions

Water temperature 100° C or boiling water temperature.
Brewing time 5 to 7 minutes

Make it iced!

  • Take 1 teabag per glass of iced tea, 2 bags if you prefer it stronger. Brew it like regular hot tea.
  • Water Temp: Just under boiling for Green Tea, boiling for Herbal Tea.
  • Brewing Time: 2.5 to 3 minutes for Green Tea, 5 minutes for Herbal Tea.
  • Add a sweetener of your choice and as per your taste.
  • Pour it over some ice!

Health Benefits:

  • Clears the skin of acne, uneven tones
  • Fights insomnia
  • Eases stomach cramps and digestive issues


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