Organic Turmeric Powder

by Truu

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Turmeric is the herb or a spice that is used as a medicine from ancient times since it has healing powers to cure any injury. It also helps to make your pallet taste good, tempting, aromatic and healthy at same time. It is proven that it acts as a natural antioxidant that removes toxins from the body and takes care of our respiratory system.




Organic Turmeric Powder 100g

Turmeric root powder is a popular ingredient in South Asian cooking and adds a distinct flavor to many savory dishes, including stocks, sauces, and curries. The root has a brilliant orange color and becomes very hard when dried. Organic Turmeric Powder distinct and fragrant, with a scent that is mildly hot and gingery, but certainly unique to itself. The turmeric dried powder is most commonly used in the kitchen and is a common ingredient in commercially available curry powders. 

Benefits of Truu Organic Turmeric Root Powder
• Powerful antioxidant that can help protect cells from free radical damage
• Aids to maintain a healthy inflammatory response
• Protect brain cells
• Helps to maintain a healthy liver even under challenging circumstances
• Piperine (black pepper extract) promotes absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract

Dosage of Organic Turmeric Root Powder
• Add 1 tsp of Curcumin Powder to your favorite beverage and shake well for the proper mixing
• You can take this mixture once or twice daily
• Safe for long-term use


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