Organic Amla Powder 100g

by Truu


A natural well-known Ayurvedic herb easily available but most valuable in a care of skin, hair, and appetite. Useful eye care. A good calcium absorption ingredient for bones repair. Helps in reduction of menstrual cramps, diabetes, heart disease, anti-aging. Improves Digestion.



The Organic Amla Fruit belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. This fruit ripens in the autumn in wet, forested, hilly areas on the Indian subcontinent. In India, it is considered as a sacred tree. The fruit is very nourishing, but it tastes sour. Both dried and fresh fruits can be consumed for their health benefits. It provides remedies for many diseases, so it is widely used in Ayurvedic treatment. Amla is very rich in Vitamin C and contains many minerals and vitamins like Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Carotene and Vitamin B Complex. Amla is also a powerful antioxidant agent.

Benefits of truu Organic Amla Fruit Powder
• Amla is used in many hair tonics
• Eye Care
• Calcium Absorption
• Menstrual Cramps
• Diabetes
• Digestion
• Heart Disease
• Anti-Aging

Dosage of Organic Amla Fruit Powder
• Add 1 tsp of Organic Amla Fruit Powder to your favorite beverage and shake well for the proper mixing.
• You can take this mixture once or twice daily
• Safe for long-term use


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