Lean Whey (Fat Burning Whey Protein) 2lbs Strawberry

by Dominator


Lean whey has been Formulated for people striving for fat reduction with preservation of lean body mass. Addition of green tea extracts makes it a better choice for shedding fat mass as No sugar added.




Lean Whey (Fat Burning Whey Protein) 2lbs Strawberry

Lean Whey (Fat Burning Whey Protein) 2lbs Strawberry is an instant nutrient dense, high protein drink mix that provides your body with the nutritional support it needs to burn body-fat and maintain lean muscle tissue.

This is for Individuals who are looking for a reduction in their body weight and body fat levels as it has been carefully formulated to meet a rigors active lifestyle and controlled dieting. Lean Whey when combined with an effective exercise program and healthy nutrition, will support your efforts in building a better body.

Key Points

  •         Pre And Probiotics
  •         L-Carnitine
  •         Green Tea Extract
  •         23 gm Protein
  •         33.5g Carbs
  •         No Added Sugar
  •         Low Fat
  •         Crave Control Complex


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