Isopure Amino 285 Grams (Cranberry Grape)

by Glanbia


Introducing a forward-thinking formula to support comprehensive body and mind benefits.* Proven BCAA’s meet the new-to-the-world combination of Tart Cherry, an anti-inflammatory that helps reduce soreness following intense exercise, and L-Theanine for a calm, relaxed mind.* Together they help you make the most of your recovery and hit it harder the next day.* Packed with antioxidant Vitamin C, we’ve crafted a lean amino acid powder unlike any other – and the only from Isopure – so you can make more of your muscles.




Isopure Amino 285 Grams

Amino acids are also known as BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS (BCAA). As the word suggests it’s a chain of many amino acids which includes essential, non – essentials and conditionally essential amino acids which human body requires in different phases and conditions in a day to day life. Gives the best results to the person who indulges in a physical activity. As they are the building blocks of protein and muscle tissue the ultimate value of food protein or food supplement is in the composition of amino acids. Many physiological processes like recovery, increase in the size of the muscle cell, fat loss and strength gains are linked to amino acids. You can take amino acids pre-workout or during the workout for a different purpose. It also promotes muscle protein synthesis and helps reduce the damage to the muscles during exercise. Everyone needs a regular supply of amino acids to achieve better health and to improve metabolism.


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