Husked Green Gram Crackers (Chilli)

by Gourment Medleys


NEW AND IMPROVED sizes!! Suited best for canapes! Husked Green Gram – just ‘dhuli moong dal’ & its baked. None of our products have any artificial flavouring, essence, colour or additives. All natural.




Husked Green Gram Crackers (Chilli) 250g

Husked Green Gram Crackers (Chilli) – just ‘dhuli moong dal’ & it’s baked. none of our products have any artificial flavoring, essence, color or additives. All natural.

Q Factor: Eating dal the regular way has become passe..hence..good protein, good fiber & low calorie!

Flavor: Chilli

Ingredients: Dhuli moong dal, chili flakes, rock salt, edible oil.

Usage: They can be used with a dip, as a canape base or just munch away! 🙂

Storage and Handling Instructions: Store at room temperature, in an airtight container.

Expiry(Shelf Life): 3 months from the date of manufacturing.


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