Healthy Ready Mixes – Ragi Dosa/Jowar Dosa/Banyard Millet

by Gv Agro Foods

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Did you know a combination of cereal and pulse makes protein complete? While time constraints restrain you from cooking healthy, we give you ready mixes to make the task easier.



Healthy Ready Mixes

Ragi Dosa Redimix 500g

Ragi Dosa is a delightfully healthy way to start your day. It is the richest source of calcium among cereals and calcium is vital for bone health. CHOLAA Ragi Dosa Redimix 500g is also rich in protein, iron, and vitamins.

Jowar Dosa Redimix 500g

An easy way to make very tasty and healthy Millet breakfast. Jowar Dosa Redimix 500g is a powerhouse of nutrition, dietary fiber. Helps weight loss.

Banyard Millet 500g

CHOLAA Banyard Millet 500g is a healthy gluten-free millet to cook snack like Shira, upma, porridge, etc. A rich source of protein, minerals, fiber, and vitamins. It can be used to cook upma, porridge, and even salads.

Pearl Millet Porridge Redimix (Kambu Koozh) 250g

Pearl Millet Porridge Redimix (Kambu Koozh) 250g healthy snack can be cooked in 10 min. Rich in calcium & vitamins. Helps weight loss.

Kollu Idly Podi 100g

Homemade CHOLAA Kollu Idly Podi 100g makes a great combination of south Indian breakfast like Idly and Dosa. Made with best quality ingredients roasted and ground fresh. The Kollu Idly Podi gives a spicy aromatic smell that mesmerizes the hearts of food lovers.  The best alternative to fat containing coconut chutney.


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