Elite Hydrowhey 2 lbs Chocochino

by Dominator


Elite Hydro Whey redefines the limits of protein supplementation. It is an ideal low carbohydrate, a good quality protein supplement for athletes and bodybuilders.




Elite Hydrowhey 2 lbs Chocochino

Each scoop of Elite Hydrowhey 2 lbs Chocochino supplies high biological value protein, rich in the anti-catabolic branched chain amino acids and fortified with Silk amino acids, L-Glutamine & BCAAs for maximum nitrogen retention.

Low-temperature filtration techniques remove fat and lactose and fitter out the denatured proteins and ash residue that can remain in Ion-Exchanged whey. They also isolate and concentrate the all-important bioactive whey fractions, including the cellular growth factors (IGF I, IGF II Et TGF-B) and the immune-enhancing glycomacropeptides which are not found in Ion-Exchanged whey protein.


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