Women...Running...India??? Just Get Started!
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Women…Running…India??? Just Get Started!

2014.03.27 - Anupriya Kapoor - Post1 - Women Running India - Just Get Started - Image2When we moved back to India from the Phillipines, it had been over a year that I had stopped running (the little that I did) due to my fractured rib.

And yet one of my big worries (other than my 5 year old son adjusting to his new school and friend circle) was…

Where would I run?

Who would I run with?

Is it safe for women to run here in Gurgaon?

Would it be fun running in the dusty concrete maze after all the greenery and cool weather that the Philippines had pampered me with?

It took me almost 6 months to just settle down into life in India and to get into a regular family routine. Since I was still tentative about running, I started going for brisk walks instead.

And one day, while out walking on a very warm June evening, I came across a runner. All I could think of was – How he could run when even the track was generating so much heat.

And I couldn’t help asking “Isn’t it too hot to run?” and he said “Run with me and figure it out for yourself”. And so I gave it a shot. I managed to keep up with him for 3 km & by the end of it was tired and soaked in sweat, but it felt really good.

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After that there was no looking back. All my doubts just disappeared -they evaporated with the sweat that evening.

2014.03.27 - Anupriya Kapoor - Post1 - Women Running India - Just Get Started - Image1Since then, I have become an active member of one of the best running groups in Gurgaon (Runbugs).

With them I’m never out of running buddies.

And with them it feels safe to run in the most remote routes in the NCR – training, exploring and having fun along the way. And for a woman in India, that means a lot. But its still a decision that you will have to take keeping the Indian ethos in mind so think it through!

I’m proud to share that since then I’ve done the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, a 50 km Bhatti Trail Ultra Marathon, my fastest 10 km at Pinkathon and several other fun runs.

All this has simply taught me that however tough things might seem, one can at least try and get started – no matter what the odds are (hot, cold, humid, overcast or dusty/smoke – yup, that too is a weather in India!).

If you really want to, you Will find a Way!

And like we all know – Getting started is what matters the most.

So c’mon, let’s go!!


  1. This post is inspiring. I’ve been trying to run for a while now but my job is interfering with my fitness goals. But like you said, If really want to, I will find a way I guess.

    Hopefully I’ll start this week. I’ll let you know how it goes. Great blog by the way 🙂

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