Until Obino, I Thought Dieting Was A Difficult Task | Dr.Bhaswati Konar | Weight Loss Story
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Until Obino, I Thought Dieting Was A Difficult Task | Dr.Bhaswati Konar | Weight Loss Story

Read how Dr.Bhaswati Konar lost 10.2 kilos & 15 inches in 6 months and got rid of joint pain

Until Obino, I Thought Dieting Was A Difficult Task. I started gaining weight since the age of 42 as I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I did not want to join a gym to lose weight so I tried dieting myself. As my weight increases, I faced multiple problems. I started turning breathless, tired and even avoided going on holidays. I became lethargic and reduced my walks due to breathlessness. My endocrinologist told me I had to reduce weight to stabilize my condition. Being a doctor myself, fitness is essential and hence decided I had to do something about it.

Why Obino?

Due to my busy schedule, I could not find time to visit dietitians and so I browsed playstore for apps guiding in weight loss and found Obino. I read some reviews and thought of giving it a shot. I first tried some free features and then took up a premium paid plan.

The Results That Followed

I am glad I took it up. My coaches have been very helpful. My diet coach planned my meals customized as per my routine. As I live in a small town, availability of different varieties of food items is limited. My coach Bhumika made sure the plan contains only what is available around me. With their help, I achieved remarkable results. I reduced the amount of food I had at once and split it into small meals. Thanks to my fitness coach Sanatan & diet coach Bhumika for making me so active and reducing my joint pain which happened due to increased weight.

The best part was receiving compliments from everyone. The change in my body was noticeable. I feel very confident and light. My joint pain has reduced which enables me to stay more active.

Advice to others

The diet plans suggested by the diet coach is not very difficult to follow. I never regretted to join Obino. It managed my hunger and appetite properly. I used to overeat, Obino has managed my diet properly to make me fit and healthy.

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