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Top 7 Weight Loss Myths to avoid!

Weight loss myths are many, but you have got just one life, Let’s live it Healthy and Right!

Dreaming of a perfect figure? Working really hard and been trying to lose that extra weight, but still no success? It’s time to rethink! There are a lot of weight loss myths and diet related misconceptions that can actually derail all your hard work and diet efforts, unknowingly might also have an adverse effect on your health.

When you are struggling to lose weight, you are bound to fall prey to most of these baseless weight loss myths and tips which do more harm than good.


Here are the top 7 common weight loss myths and the supporting facts that you should be aware of…


#1. Myth: Rice should be completely avoided while on a weight loss regime!

Fact: No! Who says, you can’t have rice?

Controlling the portion size is what matters. Choose brown rice over white which is rich in fiber and has the vitamins and minerals intact. Combine it with a protein like dal, sprouts, curd as that will help keep the blood sugar levels steady.


#2. Myth: Mangoes are a complete NO as they are rich in calories and should not be consumed during weight loss!

Fact: Moderation is the key.

Mangoes are packed with the goodness of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Copper and Fiber and Pectin. The natural sweet taste also helps to curb sweet cravings. Mango can be a great pre-workout snack!


#3 Myth: Milk and Milk Products should be avoided during weight loss!

Fact: You have been consuming Milk since childhood! So why restrict it now?

Unless you are lactose intolerant, there is no reason to avoid it. In fact Milk, Curd and Paneer are packed with Proteins, Calcium, B Vitamins and even Zinc that keep us healthy. In fact they help in weight loss, all thanks to the calcium they contain!


#4 Myth: Fruit juices are low in calories and lead to weight loss!

Fact: That’s not true! Consuming a whole fruit is always a better choice.

Fruit juice is devoid of fiber and contains only the fruit sugar. Whole fruit is full of healthy fiber that not only helps cleanse your intestines, but also helps to control your appetite by making you feel satisfied.


#5 Myth: Nuts are extremely fattening and should be avoided if you want to lose weight!

Fact: Although nuts are high in calories and fats most of them contain the heart-friendly Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and also have a low glycemic index. This means they help keep blood sugar levels steady and leave you fuller for longer after eating them. They are also a good source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. There’s no reason why you can’t eat nuts when you’re trying to lose weight. Just make sure the portion size is correct and choose those that are unsalted!


#6 Myth: Starches like Potatoes are extremely fattening and should be avoided while trying to lose weight!

Fact: Why blame the humble potato? It barely contains any fat!It’s the way how we cook the potato. Usually used for Samosas, Vadas, Burger Patties, Rolls, Chips, Fries and the list goes on! Most of these foods are fried which makes them high in fat and calories when eaten in large portion sizes or when covered with high-fat toppings like butter, sour cream, Cheese dip, or mayonnaise. Bake or Boil, combine it with a good fiber and a protein source!


#7 Myth: Eating less and skipping meals will help me lose weight!

Fact: That’s the Problem! You are actually not eating enough.

The body enters a starvation phase because of the prolonged gaps, and thus starts storing up the fats as energy reserves! Having healthy and frequent meals helps provide a constant supply of energy and boosts up the basal metabolic rate which further aids in weight loss!

So! Now that you know, follow what is right and healthy for your body. After all weight loss is not putting a ban on your favorite foods! It’s all about portion control and mindful eating. Enjoy the weight loss journey. Do not take it as a short term goal, consider weight loss as a long term goal which will not just help you to knock off that extra weight but will also improve the quality of life!

A healthy you is a Happy you!