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Top 5 Reasons To Keep A Food Journal

Maintaining a food journal is a new rage, and it is proving to be beneficial too.  If you just thought, it’s of no use to you since you are not a weight watcher, think again. A food Journal does a lot more than just keeping a track of your calorie intake.

Track Proteins

If you are a vegetarian, the probability of you eating sufficient proteins might be lesser. Since proteins are essential for a healthy living, keeping a track of your proteins is necessary. Similarly when you are trying to build your muscle mass, eating optimum proteins is extremely important. A food journal can help you track whether you are getting your required dose of protein daily. 


 Detect Allergies

Getting bouts of cramping, feeling dizzy or developing sudden rashes can be symptoms of food allergies too. If you face any such similar symptoms, by maintaining a food journal, you can track whether they are developed particularly after a meal/food intake.



 Analyze Portion Size

“I had just a few bites” or “few sips won’t matter”. Do you see yourself commenting this such often, after indulging in a cheat meal? It’s time to take a look at the bigger picture. These small bites/sips can pile up too many extra calories in the day when you sit back and analyze. A food journal can help you catch those places of sugar/fat coming in your daily diet regime.


Healthy Eating

So you’ve been munching all day long, have you ever thought, whether what’s going in is healthy food? Don’t really know, never really analyzed? Its true that” you are what you eat” and so it’s important to know what you’ve been eating. A food Journal helps you monitor your eating habits



Tracking Progress

So by now, you know that the food journal is helping you track your eating pattern and it’s time to make some changes for the better. How do you know you’ve progressed or your eating pattern has improved? No points for guessing, it’s the food journal once more that helps us track our progress, whatever may be your goal whether weight loss, healthy eating, maintaining protein intake, the Food Journal can help you in any aspect you wish to for your dietary regime.

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