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Top 5 Life Changes To Help Lose that Weight Forever!

Successful DIY Weight Losser!
Successful DIY Weight Loser!

We all want to lose weight or make our body fitter better!

But for people who are just starting out, it sometimes seems like a Herculean task.

And I am sure we all try & do few things on our own before admitting defeat and taking the help of a gym/dietician/trainer.

So, from all my DIY Weight loss experience, listed below are a few basic changes that you can easily make to your daily life.

And trust me, you will slowly & steadily see the changes, like I did, that will help you to lose weight and get that body you’ve always dreamed about – a healthier, fitter one…[/one_half]

Life Change 1 – No food post 7 pm

If you google this rule, you will find a lot of conflicting reports. I did too.

But I anyway decided to stop eating after 7 pm because I generally sleep by 11 pm. And that gave my body 4 hours to digest the food before I went to sleep. I woke up feeling lighter and now my digestion is great. There is no acidity in my stomach which happens because of a heavy meal and I generally feel good.

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Life Change 2 – A Daily Glass of Wheatgrass Juice

I realised early on that most of my weight issues were due to poor digestion. Even when I stopped eating post 7 pm I still would feel a little heavy the next day because my digestive system was obviously not doing such a great job. After extensive research, I realised that Wheatgrass juice and roasted flax seeds are amazing for cleaning out one’s stomach on a regular basis.

I now have 60ml of wheatgrass juice in 100 ml of water before going to sleep every day and that clears my system the next morning perfectly. Simple!

Life Change 3 – Increase Fibre intake

I don’t believe in strict dieting, I eat everything and still manage to lose around 1 Kg per month, a low but steady pace that keeps weight from coming back. And since I have lost 23 Kgs in 18 months, I’m obviously doing something right here 🙂

I eat smartly now which means more protein and fibre. Again the whole idea is to have foods which are easy on your stomach, like fruits and gluten free grains. Also, jowar, oats and bajra along with brown rice are great substitutes for Maida, Atta and white rice. These foods are slightly heavier but rich in fibre and keeps you full for longer.

And you know what? An apple a day is actually a great way to keep dieticians away!

Life Change 4 – Eat a Heavy breakfast, everyday

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” So true.

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Never ever skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. A heavy but smart breakfast, like oats, egg whites, will keep you energised and full for long, making you eat a smaller lunch and an even smaller dinner. You should however, take into consideration whether you’re a morning person or night person as you may have to tweak this little saying a bit to fit your body clock.

Life Change 5 – Add Exercise to your Life

Now I know this is the one we all struggle with. I have met a lot of people who say they can diet all they want but can’t exercise.

Now the truth of the matter is that losing weight is 70% diet and 30% exercise but for me its 50-50. I like to exercise, but that wasn’t the case when I started. It’s actually simple math. Your calorie intake should be less than your calories burnt in order to lose weight. And to burn those extra calories, you need to exercise.

You can choose different types of exercise routines depending upon the goal you have for your body, it can be to gain weight/lose weight/build muscle/build stamina. And for all these goals, you have to change your diet and you have to exercise. It’s actually fun once you start and not scary at all.

In conclusion, losing weight is what 90% of women today want and feel that it’s very difficult. But it’s not.

Once you have the right mind-set and the right tools, nothing is impossible.

First of all, no matter how much you want to lose weight, or how much people have told you to, it won’t happen until you are ready. There will come a time when you will know for sure that this is it – that now you are willing to do anything it takes to get to your goal.

Find that moment. And the motivation will find you!


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