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Top 5 Arm & Back Exercises that You can do at Home

I have always hated Arm fat! It creeps up on you and then sticks to you like glue. And the only way out, I’ve realized, is the addition of a targeted set of Arm & Back Exercises to your Workout!

It was mainly after pregnancy that I realized how plump my Arms had gotten and I found it so impossible to get rid of that I simply stopped wearing sleeveless clothes and just became very conscious of my bulging jiggling arms. But once I started exercising, I realized that while arm fat goes away by following full body routines, e.g. jumping jacks, for the perfect smooth toned arms, I would have to do more.

So here are a few easy Arm & Back exercises that you can do at home without any equipment at all. All you need is a yoga mat and 10 minutes.

(And at the end is a short summary of exercises which can be done with dumbbells – I always recommend anyway that pair of 2 Kg dumbbells be part of every household. There is way too much you can do with them especially related to the Arms & Back Exercises that you can do at home)

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  1. Push Ups

Now now, don’t get scared! I know how difficult proper push ups are and for  should be to pull them off but if you start with them, you might get disappointed and stop all exercise altogether! However they are integral for toned Arms and a strong back, so tweak ‘em!

2014.05.21 - Shruti Haksar - Post6 - Ver2 - Image1 Wall Push Ups - Top 5 Arm & Back Exercises

a) Wall push ups are the easiest to start with.

This is an Arm & Back Exercise that can be done by anyone at any stage of fitness. Stand with your feet together, facing a wall, with around 1 foot of distance between you and the wall.

Firmly plant palms of your hands on the wall at shoulder level and lean forward slowly such that your chest almost touches the wall, then go all the way back to your original straight standing position. A trick to do get the most out of them is to pretend that you are doing this on the floor.

Do them really slow and feel the pressure on your arms.

You can increase the distance between your feet and the wall for higher intensity, but not more than 2 feet.


2014.05.21 - Shruti Haksar - Post6 - Ver2 - Image2 Knee Push Ups - Top 5 Arm & Back Exercises for Homeb) Alternately you can also do Knee Push ups.

This is a simple Arm & Back Exercise that also brings the Glutes into play.

Get into a standard plank position but on your knees, on the mat.

Lean forward, keep your body in a straight line, almost touch your chest to the floor and come back up.

I would recommend starting with 10 reps x 2 sets at a time, so around 20 reps a day. Increase them as your stamina does, going up to a 100 reps a day.

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2.    Plank Variations for Arms

You know I love the plank. It’s a wonderful Arm & Back Exercise & a great way to tone the arms as well as the tummy. But specifically for arms, you can do a few variations, like the side plank, plank jacks, walking planks, reverse planks or the plain old simple plank.

(Since the essence of a Plank it to get into position and hold, here are some illustrations to help you get the right form)

a)      Side Plank

These can be done on the elbow as well as on the palm. Start with the Elbow though and work your way up. - Top 5 Arm & Back Exercises




b)      Plank Jacks

Done again on the elbow or the palm (remembering to keep them in a straight line) start with a plank pose and do jumping jacks using your legs only

2014.05.21 - Shruti Haksar - Post6 - Ver2 - Image4 - Plank Jacks - Top 5 Arm & Back Exercises for Home









c)       Reverse Plank

2014.05.21 - Shruti Haksar - Post6 - Ver2 - Image5 - Reverse Plank - Top 5 Arm & Back Exercises for HomeMake sure here also that the body is in a straight line and that your bottom doesn’t sag down.

Hold this position for as long as you can



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3.       Chair Dips

2014.05.21 - Shruti Haksar - Post6 - Ver2 - Image6 - Chair Dips - Top 5 Exercises for Arms & BackVery easy to do and all you need is a strong chair.

Simply sit on the chair, plant your palms on the sides and then slide off down the chair without letting your bum touch the floor. Feet firmly planted in front. You should feel the burn in your triceps. Come back up.

This also works great for your back muscles.

Do 10 reps a day to start with and build on from there.

 4.       Mountain Climbers

2014.05.21 - Shruti Haksar - Post6 - Ver2 - Image7 - Mountain Climbers - top 5 Arm & Back ExercisesThis is a very strenuous exercise that can be done for the whole body so be sure that you’re up to it.

Try and start this a little later in your routine so that you’re all warmed up.

Start with the palm plank position, jump and put one knee forward, jump again and switch knees. Make sure that the entire pressure should be on your upper arms. Do 10 reps each leg and take to upto a 100 over time.


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5.       Downward Dog Push ups

2014.05.21 - Shruti Haksar - Post6 - Ver2 - Image8 - Downward Dog Push ups - Top 5 Arm & Back ExercisesThis is my favorite exercise! And is very easy to do with just a start of 20 reps and you will still feel the burn in your biceps that tells you that your arms are getting the workout they deserve!

Make a V with your body, with feel firmly planted on the floor, palms in front and butt up in the air.

Now push down on your biceps and tap the floor with your head.

That’s one rep.

(If you keep the balls of your feet on the ground, you will feel a stretch in your calves as well)

Now just in case you do decide to invest in dumbbells, following is a routine you can do and the results would be visible in under a month.

  • Dumbbell bicep curl-10 reps
  • Dumbbell hammer curl-10 reps
  • Dumbbell standing shoulder press-10 reps
  • Dumbbell side bend -10 reps
  • Dumbbell row-10 reps

Repeat 3 times for No more jiggly arms 🙂

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