Top 4 Negative Thoughts To Avoid During Weight Loss
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Top 4 Negative Thoughts To Avoid During Weight Loss

I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking.

As Buddha once said, ‘We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think!’

And this is especially relevant to our weight loss journey.

Over the course of time I have realized that there are some key negative thoughts that have been the biggest road-blocks to my quest to being a fitter and a healthier ME.

1. I will start tomorrow!

Oh Yes! Undoubtedly the number ONE negative thought on the list. How many times have you said to yourself, I’ll start my diet or exercise regimen on the 1st of the coming month, or at the beginning of next week or after my friend’s wedding or after this holiday and so on & so forth? I realized that one of my biggest challenges was to just get started. Tomorrow truly never comes! And there is no better time to begin than NOW. So let’s just get started right now – by saying No to that pack of chips you were planning to have while watching television tonight – or by saying No to the leftover ice cream tub in the freezer that’s just begging for your attention!

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2. Just a little bit won’t matter!

Sorry to burst your bubble here, but every little bit DOES matter. I know we are told that eating anything in moderation is fine, but very often we have a lot of trouble in defining a “bit” or “moderation”? 1 bite changes into a few bites, 1 slice leads to another one and so on.

Weight loss like anything else worth having requires determination and will power. So, let’s just say NO to butter, refined flour, chocolates and processed food for the next 2 weeks and see the result.  Now the million dollar question – How do you deal with the inevitable people who say – ‘Please have some, I made/got this just for you!’. Well, I say just send them on a guilt trip by saying “If really you cared for me, then you wouldn’t ask me to eat this!”.

Trust me, it WORKS!

3. If I am exercising, then I can eat whatever I want!

Do you really think so? Yep, you guessed it right. The answer is NO. Simple math – If you eat more calories than what you burn, then there won’t be any weight loss – and all that hard work in the gym will not only go down the drain but it will also multiply your frustration & add to your stress-levels.

And we all know that when we are stressed, we tend to reach for comfort food (read junk food).  And that’s how the the vicious circle of trying to lose weight and being unsuccessful begins. Don’t get me wrong! You definitely need to eat healthy and energy-giving food to build your stamina & give you the strength to exercise. The trick is to focus on the right foods…complex carbohydrates, lots of protein and fibres, commonly found in items like Oats, Chicken, Fish, Egg whites, Vegetables & Fruits.

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4. There’s no point…It’s not happening!

If any or all of these thoughts cross your mind, then this is the inevitable result – It’s not happening. Or you might be doing everything right and still there are days when that damned weighing scale just won’t budge.

Is the weighing scale’s fault? Could be ;).

Or we can accept that there will be days when we don’t see results as expected, but that doesn’t mean that we give up! The idea is to take a step back, re-evaluate our efforts and restart with a vengeance. And never ever give up hope.

So I am going to leave you today with some very relevant words from the well-known Barack Obama,

‘Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or some other time. We are the change that we see!’

Till next time – here’s to a fitter us!


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