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Thanks to Obino I have taken charge of my life

Read how Bharti lost 7 kilos in 1.5 months in a convenient healthy way!*

I am a home-maker. I was always health conscious and had always maintained my weight around 56 kilos. But due to a complication during my pregnancy, I was advised complete bed rest for a couple of months which resulted in 13 kilos of weight gain. My weight shot up to 72 kilos. I tried various crash diets but as soon as I lost some weight, my weight would come back as soon as I went through a normal routine. Thanks to Obino I have taken charge of my life.

My weight did not budge below 67 kilos. This was getting a little difficult for me as post-pregnancy, not only I had weight issues, but also, I started experiencing frequent knee pain and backaches and felt breathless at times when I played with my son. I realized my weight affecting me a lot and I didn’t want to face serious physical issues.

One day, I sat browsing the web, looking for weight loss solutions when I came across the Obino App. I downloaded it and liked it as it was easy to use. Later, I learned that Obino offers online coaching as well. Hence I enrolled in a program to see how well it would work for me. After losing two kilos in the first two weeks I knew I was on the right track.

Obino – A Perfect Health Guide

When I registered for the program Coach Dharti and Coach Kalpesh Joyshi were assigned to me.  Coach Dharti reviewed my daily meals, then provided counseling to help improve my eating habits. The diet was made as per my preferences with easy to make options. I did not have to spend much time in preparations. Giving her daily meal updates, and receiving regular messages and calls from her made me feel accountable to her. She never imposed any fancy diet food on me.

My fitness trainer, Kalpesh Joyshi also motivated me and helped me to become a better me! He suggested me some exercises which I could easily do at home. Because of such talented coaches, I ate what I liked and exercised at home to my convenience. Now, I eat more clean foods, drink more water, and I am more consistent with my workouts. I have lost 7 kilos in 1.5 months and still losing.* I never imagined weight loss was this convenient.

Convenient lifestyle changes

Obino’s Health Coaching has changed my lifestyle. Obino helped me to learn how to feed my body proper nutrition, without restricting myself from foods. I was surprised and happy to know that I could eat all the foods of my choice. The diet plan was as per the regular kitchen foods that we make. There were a few additions to having a cup of green tea. Fruits have now become a part of my daily diet. Eating healthy makes me feel great.

“I feel like I’m finally in charge of my life”

My knee pain and backache have reduced drastically, I have become more mobile. I have lost some inches too and feel more confident and happy now. “I feel like I’m finally in charge of my life”

Advice to Others

I would like to suggest Obino’s health coaching to everyone who wants to lose weight. Obino definitely gives results. Obino provides the perfect guidance to lose weight in a healthy way.

Special Thanks to Coach Dharti 

Thanks to coach Dharti for all these lifestyle changes.  Having the accountability and constant counseling from you has made me very conscious of what I consume and what I put in my body. Your punctual reminders, your guidance, and suggestions have made me alert and conscious towards healthy eating. I will always be grateful for the motivation and push you provided me towards achieving my goal.

I would also like to thank coach Kalpesh Jyoshi, for sharing your knowledge, skills, and talent, I really couldn’t have done it without you! You enough for this amazing victory and look forward to more progress. You are the greatest and best.

“I feel amazing inside and out!” Thank you Obino


*Results may vary from person to person

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