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Why Is Sugar Craving A Vicious Cycle?

How many of us have tried a no sugar day or at least tried convincing ourselves to curb it from tomorrow? I am sure the number is really high. Sugar cravings aren’t common, they happen to everybody. Who wouldn’t like to indulge in that delicious looking dessert right? In fact, desserts make a part of our meals everywhere. We may go to the store with the intention of buying really healthy food or simple grocery items but get lured by fancy chocolates, sugary cereals, ready dessert mixes, etc. Although sugar is made up of empty calories, it is essential for the body in small quantities. Our brain needs a direct source of glucose to function. Glucose provides quick energy. But did you know that craving for sugar creates a vicious cycle which becomes difficult to escape?

The Sugary Vicious Cycle  

The hormone insulin released by the pancreas acts on the glucose molecules to deliver it to the muscles for storage. When this storage is full, it is sent to the fat cells. Higher consumption pushes the pancreas to pump insulin which leads to fat storage.

Excess consumption of sugar causes spikes in insulin causing insulin resistance. This also affects the satiety hormone leptin. Leptin signals the brain that the body has reached satiety and need not consume more food. In leptin resistance, the body feels starved and sends hunger signals. This makes us eat more even though we have had sufficient amount of food. This is where the vicious cycle goes on. Sugar is addictive and that’s true. The more you have it, the more you crave for it and it is difficult to get away, but definitely not impossible.

Sugar Cravings Signal Your Body About Somethings

Sugar cravings also happen when there is lack of sleep or too much stress. It might also mean that there is a hormonal imbalance in the body. Sugar cravings are also a sign of lack of certain nutrients, especially fiber. Ever noticed that fruits do not give you cravings to eat them more and more. This happens because fruits contain a good amount of fiber that balances the blood sugar levels. On the contrary, we just can’t stop ourselves from hogging over desserts. What comes along with desserts is the use of simple carbohydrates and different forms of sugars like high fructose corn syrup which are known to suppress the satiety and hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin.

The Way Out

You got to win over sugar by leading a healthy lifestyle and correcting your routine. Good sleep of 6 to 8 hours, adequate water intake, low-stress levels, exercise, eating balanced meals help in curbing that sugar craving. Exercise releases happy hormones and acts as a mood uplifter. Once you balance all of this, the sugar cravings and excess consumption will surely go away.

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