A Sincere Desire to Lose Weight is the Trigger for Weight Loss
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A Sincere Desire to Lose Weight is the Trigger for Weight Loss

Ashwini’s belief that ‘Understanding the essence of a healthy diet is important’ helped him lose 5 kilos in just one month*I’m 46-year-old IT Consultant, 5’10” and 80 kgs. I’m well-built and my body looks quite proportionate, not really seeming overweight. But I did have a belly issue. I always dreaded a disproportionate body shape and seeing my body slipping out of control was a nightmare. At the back of my mind, I always wanted and aspired for a flat belly. On the contrary, my waistline was increasing resulting in a protruding belly. I feared to slip into the club of pot belly friends and relatives. I knew if I will not discipline myself, I will be more restless. Then I realized a sincere desire to lose weight is the trigger for weight loss.

I bump into online applications to help get my diet schedule managed. Then while googling, I landed up on a diet management application for Indians which has iOS version too.

Obino gives results

I’ve been following the program, in my best and honest spirits since 26 Dec 2016 and have seen good results for myself. I’ve lost around 5kgs till date. I’m into a strict and disciplined routine and adhere to the diet plan suggested by Obino Coach, Dharti. The feeling of having control over body surpasses any ecstasy, and seeing me slipping back into shape is a just sheer joy.

Understanding the essence of a healthy diet is important

My biggest breakthrough is the reduction of alcohol intake from 2-3 times a week to 1-2 times a month and I have started preparing food myself at home and stopped relying on eating outside food.
I think bringing discipline to my daily routine and adherence to plan in a holistic manner is working for me. I don’t follow in totem; however, I stick to its essence. Timing is essential for food intake and so is the caloric count. I keep changing the foods to its suitable alternatives after consulting with my coach Dharti.

Stay dedicated

I think having a sincere desire to lose weight is the trigger for weight loss, rest will fall into place. It’s all about commitment. Don’t join any course, if you can’t commit to yourself. I know saying is easier than doing, but finally, it’s your body and it’s your call. It’s also true that what works for one, may or may not work for another, but where there is will there is always a way.
Obino does its best to help people with the help of technology.

*Results may vary from person to person

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