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Top 3 Secrets To ‘Staying’ With A Weight-Loss Regime!

Guest Blogger - Gaurav Dua

Guest Blogger – Gaurav Dua[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]It was a chilly December in 2011, when I weighed in at a daunting 101 kgs.

I had just completed an entire month of preparation and kicked off my weight-loss journey with an encouraging 3 kilos in just my month of preparation.

But the journey had just started…

This post is the story of how I often struggled with… and then finally succeeded in staying with a focused and disciplined Weight Loss Regime.

And how over the course of the next 4 months, lost another 5 kilos to weigh in at the end of March 2012 at 96 kgs.

And of the 3 Secrets that made this journey possible![/one_half]

Secret No.1 : Continue Good Habits Religiously!

I continued with a sensible and healthy Diet by:

a) Focusing on Breakfast as the heaviest meal of my day
b) Snacking on Apples and Green Tea whenever I felt hungry
c) Having dinner early, before 8 pm daily
d) Staying with reduced portion sizes – approximately half of what I was used to eating
e) Eliminating Rice, Potato and Sugar from my daily diet
f) Starting off my intake of Flaxseed powder (Not oil) with water – I personally believe that it is the cheapest and richest source of Omega3 and therefore very beneficial in the prcess of weight loss
g) Supplementing my diet with Protinex in my Glass of Milk and a multi-vitamin tablet daily

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Secret No.2 : Build New Good Habits!

In the initial month of preparation, my only exercise had been to walk regularly. But now I started to step it up and focused on Cardio and Aerobics to begin with, with the able help of a kind Gym instructor. However his initial instructions sounded quite ominous:

a) Three Sessions Weekly of 10 Kms on the Treadmill, Cross-Trainer and Stationary Cycle
– Minimum Pace of 6 Kms/Hr on the Treadmill
– Minimum 60 Strides/Minute on the Cross-Trainer
– Minimum 80 rpms on the Stationary Cycle
b) Three Sessions Weekly of
– 5 Kms of Cardio
– 500 Side Twists
– 20 Pushups
– 50 Squats
– 8 minutes on the Stepper
c) One day of Rest (thank god!!!)

I must admit that the punishing regime was a bit of a shock but there is no pain without gain.
And I quickly figured out that 7 Kms on a Stationary Cycle, 2 Kms on the CrossTrainer and 1 Km on the Treadmill was actually not as impossible as it sounded at first.
And over the next few days, this routine became my friend, though I did start at a slow pace, taking about 65 minutes to complete the entire routine. But I fought to progressively bring the time down and in about 40 days, hit a personal best of 50 minutes.

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Then I decided to reduce the cycling part to make it more intense & in the latter half of this period, I settled into:
– 3 Kms of Treadmill (at 6km /hr and 8 km/hr) in about 25 minutes
– 2 kms CrossTrainer in 15 minutes
– 5 kms Stationary Cycling in 18 minutes

Keeping a strict eye on the timings and competing with myself made the journey much more interesting & has a very important insight…
While I had been good at sports as a child, I had never been a good runner. I used my competitive spirit to compete with myself by trying to knock off just 5 seconds every day from my total timing. It was challenging and inspired me to keep pushing my body.

There were, in fact, 2 Very BIG Moments for me when I celebrated with an ice-cold Beer:
– When I ran a full 1 km at 8 km/hr
– When I 10 push-ups at one go.
Today all that looks very simple but back then it was an exhilarating moment!

Secret 03: Learn From Your Experiences!

Cutting Carbs at Night is Not Necessary

I stayed with my portion-reduction program and continued with carbs in night as I had gone on a tough exercise regime. And No carbs at night became much easier to handle later when I had more control and balanced cardio with yoga and weights.

Delay High Intensity Training

I was suggested a lot of times to move to High Intensity Interval training but I wanted to build endurance and stamina and then make the move – this paid off for me.

Start Free Weights Early in your Regimen

I resisted starting Free Weights for a long time. But experience has taught me that training with Free Weights cuts fat, tones and shapes the body along with providing a higher calorie loss. In hindsight, I should have started light Free Weights on at least 3 days along with the Stepper, Squats and Push-ups.

 Remember that Slow and Steady wins the Race!

This 4-month period was the toughest one I experienced since the weight loss was comparatively less but it taught me to persevere.
Everybody has a tipping point after which weight loss becomes easy & I am happy to share that mine came around June 2012, around 7 months after deciding to get slimmer. But I had lost a total of 8 kgs since starting in November 2011 and was very happy with my progress.

I must admit that I didn’t get too many compliments initially since the weight loss was not very visible except on my weighing scale. I guess there is a tipping point for people to notice you too. But after a good 11 kilos, it becomes easier to lose weight especially since people start noticing and complimenting you on your changed looks – especially women!

As you can imagine…this was vastly motivating!!!

Coming up in my next blog…
• How my Gym shut down!
• How I discovered the thrill of weights by serendipity!
• Body weight exercises!
• How to strengthen the core?

Keep Reading!


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