Right way to have green tea
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Right way to have green tea

The first thing that crosses everyone’s mind on hearing the word Green Tea is Weight Loss. In today’s scenario day Green Tea has become a synonym for weight loss! Green Tea contains only 1 Calorie, hence it is called world’s healthiest drink. But a huge question surrounding Green Tea is that how to have green tea the right way!

Why is green tea healthy?    

The reason Green Tea is considered healthy is that Green Tea does not undergo fermentation while processing. It is made from unoxidized leaves, which is steamed at a high temperature thus retaining the useful Chemicals and Antioxidants which is responsible for many of the benefits of Green Tea. Antioxidants reduce the formation of free radicals in the body thus protecting cells and molecules from damage.

Green tea benefits

Originating in China, Green Tea has been used over the centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic therapy to improve digestion, heal wounds, promote heart health, stabilize blood sugar and improve mental function.

Studies have shown that green tea contains antioxidants and other substances imparting the following benefits:

  • Increases Body Metabolism Rate (BMR)
  • Helps in Fat Oxidation and Metabolism
  • Regulates Blood Glucose Levels
  • Lowers Cholesterol as well as Improves the Ratio of Good to Bad Cholesterol
  • Protects Against Cancer
  • Helps in Heart Disease
  • Help prevent Alzheimer & Parkinsons
  • Fights Against Bacterial & Viral Infections
  • Helps Calm the Nervous System
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Reduces Levels of Stress Hormones
  • Help reduce Wrinkles and Ageing
  • Reduces the Risk of High Blood Pressure

A lot of varieties of Green Tea like Green Tea Bags, Green Tea Leaves, Powdered Green Tea, Flavored Green Tea, Iced Green Tea, etc. are available today. One might wonder what is which one of these is healthy. Additional flavouring with fruit or spices does not reduce the benefit of Green Tea, but if the flavoring includes sugar, then additional calories will certainly minus the Green Tea’s weight loss benefit. Also, Iced Green Tea’s are usually more diluted than the hot ones, hence might impact its effectiveness. But the question of how to have the green tea the right way still remains unanswered!

So, let’s have a look at how to have green tea the right way

To reap maximum benefits, skip the tea bag and opt for fresh leaves because it is more potent as more essence can be extracted compared to the bagged one. If there is no option other than the tea-bags, then cut open the contents and add water to it.

While brewing Green Tea leaves or powder, pour water over the tea and steep for a few minutes before serving. Also, brewing time can be made shorter or longer, depending on your taste. While brewing Green Tea leaves or powder, do not use boiling water as it may impart a bitter taste and may also destroy the tea’s potency. Remember, the ideal temperature to make green tea is 80-85 °C.

So, ready for some antioxidant shots?

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