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4 Reasons Why Dieting Is Not Working for You!

How many time have you heard people say that ‘Dieting just doesn’t work for them’!

2014.11.03 - Zaunty Gupta - Post2 - Image1Well, they’re right! Because the food habits that they term Dieting don’t really work for anyone. And that’s why ‘Diet’ literally is a bad word these days whereas all it really means is ‘the kind of food you usually eat’!

So here’s a clear and dispassionate look at the wrong Dieting habits most people follow for Weight Loss and why it sets you up for failure!

The Weekdays Vs. Weekend Syndrome

To put it simply, the story of eating like a king in the mornings and like a pauper in the evenings has now changed to eating like an Ant on weekdays and eating like an Elephant on weekends!

2014.11.03 - Zaunty Gupta - Post2 - Image2 - keep-calm-it-s-almost-the-weekend-2These days, Weekdays seem to be the Diet Plan period where we try to have the minimum amount of food possible in our plates. And all the while, we’re waiting anxiously for the Weekend, where we then binge eat at every chance we get (our so-called Cheat Days). And this becomes the pattern of our lives. Unfortunately it’s a destructive pattern, to say the least!
My experience with clients has shown that the best results come from consistently practising a nutrition-led diet and not a calorie-led one sporadically! The real challenge and therefore the reward is when you choose to eat fresh, nutritious and tasty food in the right quantity the year around.

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The YoYo Mode

2014.11.03 - Zaunty Gupta - Post2 - Image3 - Yoyo DietingThe problem with this Yoyo approach to Dieting is that it’s very hard to stick with. And most people that I have met give way in the war against food after a few disillusioning tries. Also such a Lifestyle is pretty much impossible to sustain over a long period! What increases is your fat percentage and what decreases is your happiness.

And in the end you eat more as the fight becomes too much to for you to handle.

The Fight against Food

Every year, on momentous occasions, many amongst us take a pledge to reduce X number of Kgs. And accordinlgy we join a Gym/Dietician/Slimming Centre/Health Centre with a track record to vouch for, which will put us into weight loss programs better suited for robots and not humans.
And then begins the hard and treacherous journey of a literal Fight with Food with the list of what to eat (mostly what not to), when to eat and hurray a cheat day as well (thankfully).
(What most of these Centers fail to verbalise to you is that if had the patience and discipline to follow such rigorous schedules, you would not have reached a situation where you needed to visit such a Centre in the 1st place)

Anyway, you get with the Program and the 1st 2 weeks fly away along with the 1st 5 kgs. Also gone is excitement, fun and pleasure that Food brought to your life. Because all you did in these 2 weeks was to either worry about food all day or celebrate your freedom by binge eating on your cheat days.

And after 2 long months, you faintly resemble a soldier returning after a long hard war! All battered and bruised & with a faint hunted look in your eyes whenever you see food!

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It’s a Lifestyle Change

2014.11.03 - Zaunty Gupta - Post2 - Image4 - Lifestyle ChangeWhich means that you NEED to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Food is the energy source that keeps us moving & breathing. And once our Relationship with Food becomes a War, then instead of our Reason to Be, it becomes a Curse.

What we need to do is find out what the correct amount and kind (nutrition-wise) food is for our body and incorporate that into our Daily Life!

And as for the food you enjoy (the calorie-dense, non-nutritional kind) well, don’t drop it altogether! Just let the quantities and frequencies reduce.

Simply start with making small do-able changes to your Lifestyle and once these changes have become second nature/habits, then add more small changes.

All you have to remember is that when you make slow and steady changes in your lifestyle (regular exercise and good eating habits) then you set yourself up to win the Weight-Loss battle. But if you pitch into it like an all-or-nothing battle, then it becomes a War which you will lose eventually!

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