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Plan Your Diet For Max. Weight-Loss

Ever wished that you could plan your Diet for Max Weight Loss?

Why I Plan My Diet On My Own!

The 1st step to any fitness or weight-loss program is to plan out a healthy and balanced diet. I personally believe that Dieticians are highly over-rated and if we want to achieve long-term weight-loss then we need to invest some time and effort in learning how to plan our our daily diets. So here are the basic steps and understanding on how to go about it…

Terms I Will Be Using  

  • Calories Eaten (CE) – Calories from the food you consume daily. Beware the human fallacy of underestimation
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) – Calories that you burn daily in the act of living (Does not include calories spent on working out)
  • Calories Burned (CB) – Calories lost during workouts. Here beware the human fallacy of overestimation
  • Calorie Deficit (CD) = Calories Eaten – Calories Burned!

Recap of the Basic Principles of Weight Loss

  • 1 Kilogram of Weight Loss = Calorie Deficit of 7000 Calories
  • Therefore ½ Kg Weight Loss = Calorie Deficit of 3500 Calories
  • To lose ½ kg weight per week = Calorie Deficit of 500 Calories
  • Let’s assume a BMR of 1800 Calories/Day

Option 1 (No Workout)

Calories Burned: 1800 Calories/Day

You can eat: 1500 Calories/Day

Calorie Deficit: 300 Calories/Day

While you will lose nearly ½ Kg every fortnight, I personally think this is an unsustainable rate of weight loss. That’s because your Basal Metabolic Rate comes down with age and if you eat too few calories then you develop leptin resistance and your weight plateaus.

Option 2 (Workout of 300 Calories/Day)

Calories Burned: 1800 + 300 = 2100 Calories/Day

You Can Eat: 1600 Calories/Day

Calorie Deficit = 500 Calories

This is a fast rate of Weight Loss and you will lose ½ kg every week but let’s see a slight twist to this equation !

OPTION 03 (Workout of 500 Cals/Day)

Calories Burned: 1800 + 500 = 2300 Calories/Day

You can eat: 1950 Calories/Day

Calorie Deficit = 350 Calories per day

I developed this option through trial and error & highly recommend it. And this slight twist on Option 02 has allowed to me to create my own Option 03.

The trick here was to eat more than my BMR so that my body doesn’t resist the process of Weight Loss. And because of this small trick, I have never needed to follow any diet obsessively.

What I tend to Eat Sparingly

I make it a point to eat everything and the only things that I consume sparingly are:

–          Sugar and anything containing sugar like sodas/colas/juices

–          Rice, Potato, Alcohol and carbs after 8 PM

(My only indulgence is sugar twice a week… Ice Cream!!!) 

What I recommend adding to your Diet!

–          Probiotics and Flaxseed Powder

–          Spinach, Bell Peppers, Beans, Sweet Potato, Broccoli & Lettuce

–          Fish (specially post workout)

–          Green Tea, Avocado, Almonds, Oats & Fresh fruits

Some Unconventional Ideas that have worked for me!

–          Get 8 to 10% of your daily calories from Mono-saturated & Poly-unsaturated Fats like Avocado, Nuts, Olive oil, Soya bean, Ghee (Cow’s milk) and Full Fat Milk

–          Try Intermittent fasting

  • Have your last meal at 8 PM on Friday
  • On Saturday morning, go to the gym without eating and do your workout
  • Come back and have breakfast at 10 PM
  • Repeat this on a Sunday also and see a faster ,stronger and leaner body
  • 14 hours of fasting and workout on an empty stomach melts fat faster
  • Come back to your normal routine on weekdays and introduce intermittent fasting only as a shock and not regularly.


A Note from the Blogger Gaurav Dua

This blog attempts to focus on Fitness as an on-going journey of learning and not a destination. 

When we see world-class athletes pull off amazing things, it’s not just because they train for hours. It’s the sum total of all their efforts – their varied exercise schedule, combined with  their diet, their daily routine or their painstaking years of training. What I’m trying to say is that ‘being multidimensional helps’ and it’s time to dispel the myth that Weights are for men and Zumba is for women! Therefore what works for me may not work for you; and that’s why this blog aims to increase your awareness so that you can discover your path with more clarity and less effort!


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