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Physical Activity – Is it really important?

Physical activity, exercise, fitness, blah blah. Aren’t these terms stressed over and over again everywhere around us? And many want to run away from it. The marketing industry and we infact take pleasure in promoting sarcasm over it by coming up with t-shirt quotes like – Exercise, Oh I thought you meant extra fries. So what’s the buzz around everybody wanting to make you move? Leave that chair because they say ‘sitting is the new smoking.’  And’s what’s the point in losing that weight and gaining it back when you eat again. Do you see yourself wondering all of this? Well, if your day consists of eat, sit, sleep, repeat, I would say you need to wake up and shake up. Because, yes all the buzz around pushing you to move that body is true and worth trying.

Input v/s Output

You will best understand this if you consider a balloon. It expands as you blow it and keeps growing bigger unless some air is released. But, blowing excess of air will make it burst. Now, let’s consider our bodies as balloons. As we eat, our body burns some calories for basic metabolism and stores the rest as fat and muscle depending on our diet. So, just like the balloon, we expand as we eat. This continues until the time our input is more than the output. This is where activity plays a role in maintaining a balance between input and output. Exercising helps us burn calories and maintain or lose weight. So activity is equivalent to removing some air from the balloon. Out of what we eat, we need to store less and burn more. And by burn, we mainly mean burning fat, because muscle doesn’t pose a problem here.

Get Up, Get Moving

If we stuff ourselves and neglect physical activity, one day the body will burst just like the balloon. By bursting I mean, all the ailments and disorders it will bring along like, high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, fatty liver, etc. 45 minutes of exercise is essential every day. If finding time for exercise gets difficult, break it up into 15 mins of exercise thrice in the day. Apart from this, getting up and walking around post 1 hour of sitting is advisable. What is also very important is walking post meals. A short walk 30 minutes post meal helps improve blood circulation and oxygen supply. This, in turn helps in nutrient supply throughout the body.

As the laziest hour sets in few minutes after a meal, a walk ensures your energy levels are maintained and you don’t nap away. So what are you waiting for, get up and get moving!    



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