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Your Office Can Be Your Gym

Why worry about hitting the gym, when you can work out at office? Yes, you heard us right, your Office can be your Gym! 

It’s certainly not a secret that sitting for long hours in front of your computer causes severe lower back and neck pain. And its also common news that in India, the so called ‘corporate culture’ is taking a huge toll on the health of young professionals and that joint pain, cramps, fatigue and obesity are some common fallouts of this ‘glamorous’ corporate culture! So, while you may be enthralled with your challenging job, neglecting your health will deprive you of the benefits of your challenging and well-paid job in the long run.

While not the only answer, some regular exercise will certainly downsize the volume of stress, anxiety and depression that occur at the workplace. Not only does Physical exercise help you remain fit but also boosts up your confidence, invigorates your mood and enhances your productivity.

So, take a few minutes out from your busy working hours and get a little fitter with these tiny little tips:

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1.     Stretch at Your Desk

2014.11.24 - Your Office Can Be Your Gym - Image1Sitting all day in the same posture tends to stiffen your body. Stretch your arms, legs, neck, and body regularly to escape stiffness.

  • Neck: This exercise can be done anytime while working. Keeping your back absolutely straight, gently lean your neck towards the left and then towards the right. Repeat 10 times for each side and feel more limber
  • Shoulders: Roll your shoulders in their socket to relieve the stiffness of leaning over your computer. Rock forward and backward to help in relaxing those tightened shoulders and also relaxing your arms.
  • Wrists: Set your elbow at your side bent at a 90-degree angle and support your forearm with your other hand. Now gradually move your wrist clockwise and anti clockwise a certain number of times. This exercise helps you loosen your wrist muscles and also strengthen them.
  • Ankles: Revolving your ankles consistently helps in promoting effective blood circulation.
  • Calves: Sitting for long periods of time sometimes even develops blood clots in the veins in your calves. Stand at your desk and list up your body on your toes in a smooth limber movement.

 2.     Loosen up those Elbows

2014.11.24 - Your Office Can Be Your Gym - Image2While this does not require too much space, you might want to find a secluded place to do it in! You simply need to bend forward at a 45-degree angle and start marching in place.

Known commonly as a Tricep Kick – this simple exercise requires you to just bend your elbows and let them move to and fro. Do this for 15 minutes and loosen up your body completely.

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3.     Make friends with your Water bottle

2014.11.24 - Your Office Can Be Your Gym - Image3Not only is Water great for you, so is the form it comes in – just use a filled water bottle to act as your office dumbbell.  Hold the water bottle in your hands and pull it towards your shoulder and raise it upwards.

Repeat the activity for fifteen minutes then change to other hand. As far as water bottle twist is concerned, hold the bottle at the level of your chest, twist to the left then center then right then center. Repeat couple of times and experience a strong and powerful grip.


4.     Laugh Intensely

2014.11.24 - Your Office Can Be Your Gym - Image4Laughing intensely is one of the easiest and quickest way to burn calories. Laughing provides a mini aerobic workout to your body and makes your chest oscillate thereby tightening your stomach muscles.

Apart from these tips for a light physical workout in office, you need to adopt a proper office-goers diet to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

A few simple, yet important pieces of advice to follow are:

– Have good & heavy breakfast at home so that you can avoid having snacks or unhealthy bits at work which while chatting with your colleagues can really pile on unhealthy calories.

– Carry a couple of boxes of cut fruits along with you to snack on in office.

Just remember, while Work is very important, so is your Health & the right kind of eating & exercise will refresh your mood, improve your health, boost your energy and more importantly help you lead a better and longer life.


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