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Obino is a way of life | Dr.Anubha Shrivastava

Dr.Anubha Shrivastava shares her experience with Obino

Obino is not just a name. It is a way of life. Obino introduced myself to a new me. With helpful diet & fitness coaches, I crossed my own limitations. I was struggling with my weight since long until I came to know about obino by a cousin. I just surrendered myself to my coaches without any big hopes in my mind. I started following their instructions, but gradually I developed a feeling that someone is there for me, someone is with me in my efforts, someone cares for me, and above all I am answerable to someone for my do’s and don’ts.
With their continuous helpful and motivational messages, I was inclined towards my goal. My coaches understood my lifestyle well and accordingly, made my plans. Their diet plan and exercise regimes are simple that can be followed easily at home without any hassle, but at the same time so effective that I have reduced 4 kgs in 2.5 months. I have dropped down one size and looking forward for more.

I not only lost weight but gained a lot more self-esteem. I am in love with my life. Thanks Obino!

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