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Obino Taught Me To Eat & Not Starve

Read how Anjali lost a good 8.5 kilos in 3 months along with achieving great health and self-confidence*

I was a chubby child. Well, that’s a polite way of saying that I’ve been overweight right from the beginning! As a result, my weight is something that’s always played on my mind and pretty much affects my moods. I confess I’ve always been rather touchy about it. Then, Obino taught me to eat & not starve.

The long saga of fad diets

Once I entered my teens, I suddenly realized being overweight was not cool! And that was the beginning of a long and endless saga of fad diets and impulse workouts. I did lose a whole lot of weight at that point, but every time I gave up those rather demanding and restrictive diets, I found myself gaining back every bit of the weight I had lost!

The Add-Ons

The passing years brought marriage, pregnancy, and a whole lot of hormonal issues, resulting in sudden spikes in weight. But all this while, I just concentrated on looking thin. I never paid attention to the damage that was being done to my body. So once I entered my 30’s, I started experiencing a host of health-related issues like hypothyroid, PCOS, recurring headaches, sinusitis etc.

I chanced upon Obino when I was at an all-time low, both mentally and physically. On one hand, I was constantly falling ill, and on the other, despite eating very less, I was steadily gaining weight. All this had led to a lot of frustration, and I found myself yelling, complaining and losing my temper very often.

I lost weight by eating more

It was a tough decision for me, especially after years of quick-fix diets, to settle for something that actually makes you eat more!! When my coach Tiana realized I had been almost starving myself out, she very firmly told me to start eating! Even if it meant an initial weight gain! But to my utter amazement, I started losing weight right from the word ‘Go.’ I have lost 8.5 kilos in 3 months*, but more importantly, the healthy eating has had a wonderful effect on me. My skin is glowing, my headaches have vanished, and I’m a much happier version of me…

I would like to express my gratitude to my Coach Tiana for showing me the way and guiding me at every step. Thank-you Obino!

*Results may vary from person to person


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