Obino Made The Impossible Possible For Me
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Obino Made The Impossible Possible For Me | Weight Loss Story

Read Anubha Arora’s motivational health journey wherein she lost 7 kilos in 3 months 

Obino made the impossible possible for me. Hi, I am Anubha Arora, 40 yrs and a perfect homemaker by profession. As a child, I was always plump but somehow managed my weight by dieting and gym workouts. But after having the second cesarean delivery my weight shot up.

I loved eating sweets, ice -creams, n chocolates but had to restrict all due to my weight gain. So I had to take it out of my diet. But I decided I had to lose weight and get back to being healthy.

Introduced To Obino

My cousin was already getting coached by Obino and was following the diet on regular basis. This is how I got introduced to Obino. Initially, I hesitated to join as I was of the opinion that I cannot lose weight no matter what I follow. But I decided to take a chance and enrolled.

The Results That Followed

I subscribed with Obino in April 2017 and within 3 months of the program, I lost 7 kilos! That’s Wow! I hadn’t thought I am going to be able to do that until I joined Obino. I was guided by my super coaches Priyanka Jaiswal who is my diet coach and fitness coach Abhishek Thakur. They were my motivation throughout the journey and provided an apt diet and fitness plan for me. I even extended my subscription to another 3 months.

I Love The Way I Look Now

Thanks to Obino I love the way I look now. And I am being showered with compliments from my family and friends. The best part is all my cravings for sweet have gone away and I learned how to control them.

My Advice To Others

As an advice to others I would like to say that in order to achieve something, you need to focus on your target and work hard to achieve it. Nothing comes easy.

Special Thanks to my lovely coaches Priyanka and Abhishek for transforming me and making me Fit!I wish team Obino All The Best and touch new heights with each passing day.

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