Obino gave me health & confidence
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Obino gave me health & confidence

I am 7 kilos down in just 2 months with a healthy diet and routine*

Hey guys, I am Ram Chandra, 28, an Electronic Hardware Engineer, from Hyderabad. My work involves a desk job because of which I lead a sedentary lifestyle. Obino gave me health & confidence.

In the past, I have tried following a few diet plans. But prior to choosing Obino, none of them gave consistent results. I used to put back my weight that I had lost once I stopped following the respective diet plan, which only used to test my patience.

When I came across Obino while browsing the web, I feel choosing Obino is one of the gutsy decisions I have made because I never spoke to anyone from Obino before or worried about the fee. Staying healthy and confident was my priority.

Obino helped me reduce my weight from 71.2 kilos to 64.2 kilos. I am thankful to coach Tiana for continuous follow-ups, suggestions and monitoring the user experience every day. I would like to thank my fitness coach Kalpesh as well, for providing me with an addictive fitness plan and tracking my daily fitness activity. To take it as an obligation to update him with my fitness activity since I didn’t want a zero fitness score from him.

My advice to everyone is that, apart from following the diet plan, I recommend to play a sport that has good cardio at least once in a week for 2 hours.

*Results may vary from person to person

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