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Nitya’s success story with weight loss!

“Weight loss is not difficult, you just need to be determined!”, says Nityapriya

I never really thought that I would struggle with weight loss but when I moved to Germany in November 2014 post marriage, the sudden change of lifestyle and eating habits started building up on my weight and health. I also realized that because of this increased weight I was unable to fit in to my favourite clothes & that my overall appearance had changed – Bulging Tummy and Flabby Arms!

And the worst part was that it was getting noticed by the family members! I did not like it all.

This awoke my senses that I actually needed to help myself get fitter which would not only help me lose weight and look good but also be beneficial in the long term when I plan to conceive.

So, why did I choose Obino?

When, on my doctor’s advice, I started looking out for weight loss options. I ended up joining a gym, but was not very regular and thus it did not help me much as my eating habits still remained unhealthy! Frustrated more, I started checking for online weight loss solutions. I signed up for a weight loss plan, but got no proper guidance. I thus felt cheated and decided to discontinue. Still not losing hope and continuing my search further, this time I stumbled across Obino – the Indian Weight Loss Coaching app.

Though initially sceptical, I chose to download the application from Google Play Store and read the reviews too. I found the features of this app very user friendly and the daily food log, suggestions, timely diet reminders actually started working wonders for me in a small way!

That’s when I decided to go for GoPro Plan and subscribed for a month. After using it, I found it reasonable and convenient too! And post receiving the welcome mail from the founder of Obino, Ritu Srivastava, I was convinced that I have taken the right step!

Results Achieved

During the initial welcome consult call, I got introduced to Coach Rashi who has been guiding me since then. The simple, easy to follow, practical and healthy diet plans keeping in mind my schedule, likes and dislikes have worked wonders for me! I had not expected quick weight loss but thanks to Obino’s Coaching wherein only by regulating my food habits I could see myself inching closer to the target set (lost 4.1kgs in 3 weeks).*

The diet plan has lots of healthy options like vegetables, fruits, staples, good proteins and healthy snacks which keep me full. I have actually started feeling lighter and it has boosted my energy levels too!

The EUREKA Moment!

Being a South Indian, I have always been a rice eater!  But after proper guidance from the Obino Coach, appropriate portioning and healthy diet alternatives have helped me to keep a control on my rice cravings as well. My water intake has increased too. It’s a different me and I am enjoying this change! Besides eating habits, I have also taken physical activities very seriously. I do spare some time and follow the fitness plan as advised by my coach.

My Greatest Breakthrough!

A healthier lifestyle combined with healthy eating has helped me feel good about myself and has regularised my monthly cycle which has been the greatest breakthrough! I am finally receiving compliments from my family members. It’s not just me, but my husband has also started eating healthy!! Thanks to Obino Coaching, this is definitely an added benefit.

My Parting Note for you…

To all others who are trying to lose weight, I would like to say that – Nothing is impossible, weight loss is not difficult. You just need to be determined, take things seriously, be sincere to yourself and it will work!! Keep a right attitude. With Obino, weight loss is an easy story!


*Results may vary from person to person

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