Never Follow Celebrity Workout Programs Blindly
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Why Should You Never Follow Celebrity Workout Programs Blindly

Reason For Not To Follow Celebrity Workout Programs Blindly

So you watched a movie and you wished you had a physique like the actors… Or wait for a second! You would have watched an online video of a celebrity training hard for a movie and you made up your mind to train the same and get all puffed up. Wishing to be like the actor is very much normal, happens with just everyone. But, what is more, practical is to work realistically towards it.

Going to the gym and scheduling your workout like a celebrity is not easy, it might look promising in the initial stage but it will go really hard as you progress.

There are facts which you need to know before starting anything insane. Well, celebrities go for a short-term plan – bulking up for one assignment or getting ripped for another movie. A personal Fitness Instructor is assigned to them by the production house with whom they train, and to give you an insight about that ‘particular trainer’ the trainer is paid a bomb to get the actor in the required shape for that particular movie.

24/7 Assistance

So what goes in? Supplementation becomes a necessity to gain results in short span. An uninterrupted 7-8 hours of sleep is a must. Moreover a personal nutritionist is assigned to measure and calculate the meals, calories etc – and of course, you can imagine the high fees too.

After a certain point of training, trainers take a look at their body – they see if, the symmetry is perfect if the muscles they were hitting are giving positive results. For example – if the left Deltoid is slightly smaller than the right one, then for the next few days after regular scheduling they will pay attention to the left deltoid more to make it look perfect on camera. This is how these short-term targets work.

The Hidden Facts

Do you know, Jason Momoa, the Aquaman and of course ‘Khal Drogo’ in the Famous Series – Game of Thrones. He must have made you skip a beat! But did you know about the hard work that went in for that? He Trained 2 hours/6 days a week with Mountain climbing as a specific sport. That’s a lot of dedication. You would also be Flabbergasted to know that, not everything you see on screen is 100% true as there are lots and lots of digital touch-ups.

Rapid weight loss, insane muscle gain also happens with the certain use of Anabolics (steroids) which some bodybuilders might be taking to get faster results with the given workout.

Well, things are not as simple as they look.

Some Real-Time Tips For You 

For any kind of workout, be it fat loss, muscle gain or maintenance, follow a workout in which you can continue for longer and without the risk of any injuries, as you would have been getting this point by now that Actors are always with their physiotherapists during their training or during their shoots. Also, staying fit is a part of their profession and taking out time for it is mandatory for them. 2-4 hours of workout daily is practically impossible for working population like us spending 8-9 hours in a job and few in traveling. So, again ‘Set Realistic Goals’ with the help of your fitness & diet coaches.

It’s always great to be inspired, but make goals keeping real-time factors in mind – Go to the gym, hit it hard, be a beast over there but always follow your own custom workout according to your own body type.

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