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You may have lost weight! But did you lose fat too?

Hi, guys, it’s your favourite Blogger, Ashvin Shet. Today, I am going to write and explain to you the differences between Fat Loss and Weight Loss. But before I begin, I would like to share a quote. I am a sucker for good quotes and I have decided to share a quote whenever I find it good and interesting. This one’s from Confucius –

He who says he can and he who say he can’t are both usually right!

I believe this quote is true to the core!

What exactly is Weight Loss?

Weight loss is just a number (my opinion) on the scale which freaks you out. Weight loss may not always be healthy depending on the circumstances. The number on the weighing scale can be hampered by a lot of variables like the amount of water your body is holding, the contents in your bowel system etc. And most importantly, it may also be just muscle loss and not fat.

What is Fat Loss?

When you eat more calories than your body requires without exercising, the extra calories you consumed gets stored as fat in your body. Losing fat stored in your body is called Fat Loss which need not necessarily show a decreased number on the weighing scale.

So, why do we need an understanding of fat and weight loss?

Well, before any person embarks on a journey to lose weight, they need to know, understand and make peace with this and if I had someone explain this to me during the start of my days, it would have saved a lot of mental disappointment. I am pretty sure most of the people can picture themselves in the explanation I am about to give.

A person irrespective of man or woman just does not wake up one fine day and tell themselves I need to lose weight. There would be series of events that happened before that which made them want to lose weight. Example : You probably have a relaxing hot shower, dry yourself, come out and see your reflection in the mirror, right? At least I did and still do, after all, I like myself and if I don’t admire who else will. Anyway, when you see in the mirror, you notice your stomach is bulging out than usual, or you see your butt has become a bit bigger than usual or maybe your favourite dress does not fit you correctly.

When this happens, you lose your mind, stand on the weighing scale and scream Oh Damn! I have become FAT and need to lose weight. Right? Most people assume this is a result of weight gain without understanding what really happened. In reality, you had more calories than your body required without burning them off and this in turn caused your weight to increase. More fat you gain, the digits on the scale become bigger.

Going nuts to shed some weight!

Seeing this, you go berserk and you start exercising maybe immediately or later that day. You may join a gym or start running/jogging or swimming and you see in a week you lose some weight; like 1-2 kilos maybe but the trouser or your outfit still doesn’t fit, as a result you STOP.

But, why am I still not fitting into my clothes?

What you saw in the mirror is fat which got deposited and it does not go in a week’s time. I often see many people quit because of this. I too was in the same bracket until I realized this. HAVE PATIENCE!

How do I get fit the smart way?

Your aim when you join a gym or decide to get healthy should be to lose FAT and not WEIGHT. You can lose weight by doing some unhealthy crash diets which will have dire consequences. Definitely, you will lose some fat in the process but at the same time, you will also lose muscles which are the most important factor which determines your weight gain and fat gain. The more muscle you lose, the more likely you are going to gain weight and fat faster.

My suggestion to anybody and everybody looking to lose weight is to not just go by the scale, take measurements of your whole body and click pics like the way they click in a prison. Instead of giving yourself just 1 month to lose the weight, give yourself a longer time to achieve it. There will be days or months when your weight just won’t go down. But if you were true to yourself and kept your diet and workout routine up to date, trust me, the scale may not show any results but the photos and measurements which you took will tell you an entirely different story.

So now you got to know why two people may weigh the same on the scale but may look different!

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