Dieting is Not About Sacrificing the Food You Love But Balancing it
Success Stories

Marietta’s Success Story! Weight Loss via a Healthy Diet!

Besides a healthy diet, the water & meal reminder features on Obino App were the Icing on the cake!

Three years ago, a burn injury left me housebound for almost 3 months! Complete bed  rest, immobility and inactivity added on to the weight.

When I did step out of the bed after 3 months; to my horror I found out that, I could not fit into my jeans and few of my other favorite clothes!  All my friends were amazed at the weight that I had put on. I tried in vain to shed the flab. Tried many diets & exercises but met with no little success!

 This left me completely demotivated and I then kind of began to live with all the unwanted weight and flab, but always wished that I could somehow get rid of my excess weight. I began to envy my peers who had managed to stay in shape then. I longed to be like them, but just did not know how to get there until I changed up Obino in March this year.

Why did I choose Obino?

I explored the app and found the features really simple and good! Besides this the GoPro MAX plan of Rs. 1499/- was very affordable. It required no personal visits, everything was virtual and the diets were easily accessible via the phone – directly on the app and mail! That’s when I decided to register for a month first to give a try!

The best part was; during my welcome consult call Obino coach Komal not just considered my likes, dislikes and daily routine before planning the diet; but also explained me the reason and the logic behind the foods suggested and the importance of having small and frequent meals! Slowly but surely, I got used to the structured and disciplined pattern of eating that was taught to me. It was definitely hard work, but I simply enjoyed the coaching! It was most helpful and encouraging.

Results achieved!

I was happy to see the kilos melt away without putting any extra efforts and my clothes fit better than never before! I realised the pitfalls of unhealthy eating and was glad for the information shared by the coach on eating wisely. The weekly diet plan consisted of good old fashioned Indian food, which could be cooked in any home with a few healthy additions and unhealthy subtractions! The recipe section of the app is amazing, loads to explore. Sharing the pictures of the meal on the coaching group and receiving appropriate guidance from the coach, further gave me a correct idea about portion control.

The eureka moment!

I soon realised that exercise alone does not help to lose weight, healthy eating habits are equally important. One must regulate one’s diet in order to achieve the desired result. To add on further, the timely reminders about water, green tea and meal intake further simplified the weight loss journey. Being able to fit into my favourite clothes is what I always wanted, I am also able to wear my wedding ring again; which was off my finger due to the heavy weight and this was the greatest breakthrough!

The Obino team, on the whole was firm but kind. Looking at the results, I extended the plan for another month and did shed 4.5 kgs in just 2 months’ time!* I am very much satisfied with the same. I still continue to follow the instructions explained by the coach to the best of my ability and hope to shed a few more kilos.

Thank you Obino for making me healthy, lighter and more confident like never before!


*Results may vary from person to person

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