Losing Weight is so much Fun with Obino
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Losing Weight is so much Fun with Obino

Read how Pradeep Jain lost 5.7 kilos in 1 month by doing simple lifestyle changes!*

Hi, everybody, I am Pradeep Jain. I am a businessman, mostly having a sedentary lifestyle as I spend most of my time in front of the laptop. Obino gave me an helping hand to overcome this situation. Losing Weight is so much Fun with Obino.

Because of my unhealthy lifestyle – no diet, exercise, irregular meal timings, my weight had started increasing. And I am sure many of us will relate to this. Despite trying out a various diet plan, I was never really able to follow a certain diet. It had reached almost 90 kilos which were the max I’ve ever been. Along with having weight issues, I realized I was facing a few other issues like constant body ache, recurring headaches, acidity and low energy levels.

Obino Works

One day, I met a friend who looked fitter than before. I asked him about this transformation and he happened to mention Obino. So I downloaded the app, saw its functioning, and later decided to enroll in a program. It’s been a month through the program, and I am already 5.7 kilos down.

Diet plan is Simple

The diet provided by my coach was very simple and easy to follow. It didn’t require adding anything special; just a few modifications in the regular foods. I don’t feel the need to eat the wrong foods as I did not experience any hunger pangs. I am enjoying the diet. It has become a part of my lifestyle now as I do not find it difficult to adhere to.

Losing weight with Obino was very easy

Of all the previous diets I have done, losing weight with Obino was very easy. They just found out where I was defaulting in terms of my diet and lifestyle and corrected me. I was lucky to have Vriti as my Coach; She kept motivating me and helped me at all times. She kept asking for updates and I felt responsible to be on track.

Not only did I lose weight, but also started feeling more energetic in a week’s time itself. My acidity and recurrent headaches vanished. It’s like the diet worked like magic. My entire body system feels different and healthy now. I know that I am on the right track.

Obino is Result Oriented

Losing weight is so much fun with Obino. Try it for yourself. You will definitely get results along with having the feel-good factor.

*Results may vary from person to person

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