After a Long Grueling Weight Loss Struggle, Obino Was a Boon!
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After a Long Grueling Weight Loss Struggle, Obino Was a Boon!

Read how Bhagyashree lost 5.5 kilos in 1 month in the most healthy way!*

My weight has always been around 65 kilos irrespective of rice is my staple. But post my second deliver it shot up to 100 kilos. I got worried and rushed to the gym, tried various crash diets but in vain as the weight did not budge below 95 kilos. Later, I quit the gym and my weight shot up even further. Adding to my weight loss woes, I have a desk job and my office is just a stone’s throw away from my home. After a Long Grueling Weight Loss Struggle, Obino Was a Boon!

I came across Obino while browsing the web. Followed the free plan for two-three days and loved it. I have done diet sessions earlier wherein I was asked to eat every hour which was just not manageable. There was too much of crash eating and muscle cramping exercise. But at Obino, the timings are sorted and the diet is as per my convenience.

Gradually, I lost weight, eating foods that I like without stressing for elaborate food preparations. The workout plan provided to me is also very simple. I do my regular walks coupled with some floor exercises at home five times a week.

A Diet Only Means Healthy Eating

I don’t feel like I’m dieting being with Obino as compared to the previous diets of gyms and other dieticians. The diet I got to the gym was equal to starving. There was no roti or rice in my diet. I had to have something like a banana, just salad which caused headaches. With Obino, I am eating home-made foods and very content with my pace of weight loss. I have realized that eating healthy and portioning of meals is essential.

Obino Changed Me

Earlier, I used to find it difficult to walk continuously and constantly suffered from back and thigh pain. Now I can move and walk around easily. My skin complexion has improved and my dark circles have gone. I feel lighter. My confidence has gone up. Now I am more health conscious and an alert eater. Old clothes have started fitting me again.
My lifestyle has changed because of healthy eating and even while going out, I carry my food along. I have made a calendar wherein I write my weight updates and it motivates me to see the positive weight loss results. I maintain a food dairy too which I send to my coach for a check.

A Team Effort

I would like to thank my family for motivating me and standing by me. I would also like to appreciate the hard work delivered by my Coach Tiana in helping me achieve this result. Her constant follow-ups kept me on track. I haven’t seen this kind of a program anywhere else. I guess the regular follow up and push worked for me.

Advise to Others

I would like to add on that for anyone who is looking for a healthy weight loss, Obino is the place. We need to eat on time and in the right portion. With Obino I am losing weight with good and tasty food. Thanks, Obino!

*Results may vary from person to person

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