Dieting is Not About Sacrificing the Food You Love But Balancing it
Success Stories

Jitendra’s success story! Weight loss via healthy living!

Obino’s Coaching is not just about weight loss…

it’s your guide for leading a healthy life too!


I was struggling since past 2.5 years to lose weight! Have consulted many doctors and have opted for many such weight loss programs before, but their improper guidance helped me gain 10+ kgs instead of losing out some!

Why did I choose Obino?

This gain in weight, soon started showing its adverse effects! That’s when I came across Obino in February 2016. I was a little sceptical initially as I was suffering from Severe acidity, burping because of fatty liver, had abnormally high levels of cholesterol and uric acid. The monthly spend on the medications for the same was about 8000/-

But I was further motivated and gained confidence, once I spoke to the coach during the welcome consult call, where I was explained what Obino is all about and how exactly it is different from other weight loss programs. Every minute detail be it my likes, dislikes, medical condition, daily routine was considered by Coach Komal before planning the diet plan and the fitness plan. I was amazed to see this and that’s when I realised that I am in safe hands!

Results achieved

In the very first month I knocked off 3.8 kgs*, which further motivated me and the greed to lose weight increased! I then decided to extend the program further for a month. The constant coaching, appropriate guidance about the portion sizes and constant meal reminders combined with a daily physical activity as per the fitness plan advised helped me further lose 4.4 kgs*. That’s when I decided to check my blood parameters and the results were completely unexpected! My cholesterol profile has become normal, the elevated uric acid levels have dropped, the liver profile reports have improved. I don’t remember a single day when I must have taken an antacid to relieve acidity and burping. It has almost completely subsided! My physician discontinued all the medications and this has been the greatest breakthrough in my weight loss journey with Obino!

The Eureka Moment!

Now; I feel lighter and more energetic than before, no more bulging tummy! Till date with Obino I have lost about 8.2 kgs and 12 inches from over all body and this has been my greatest achievement in terms of health. I am completely off medications and feel really good about it!

Thank you Obino for guiding and showing me the correct way to lead a healthy and a fit life! For making this my weight loss success story!


*Results may vary from person to person

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