I Started A New Life By Losing Weight
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I Started A New Life By Losing Weight

Read how Neetu Sinha lost 8 kilos in 3 months and changed her life.

I am a housewife and 45 years young I would say. Weight has been a struggle for everyone actually and so did I. Especially once I was detected with thyroid my weight went up gradually. Nothing that I tried for losing weight seemed to work.

Watching my weight shoot up

As the weight shot up, health issues stepped in one by one. I started facing indigestion, knee pain due to excess pressure on the legs, insomnia and snoring. I knew all of this had only one cause – My Weight. On the other hand, my husband who was also overweight was advised to lose weight by his doctor as he warned his health will be at stake. And we decided we had to do something.

Taking A Decision

My daughter was using the unpaid version of Obino app and she had seen promising results. My daughter convinced me to give it a try. So I took up a premium plan. And since then there was no looking back. Obino was the perfect coach I needed. Weight loss is a difficult thing when tried on our own. There are too many diets online, we don’t have a clue what’s good and what not. An expert guidance is a necessity.

Obino – A Perfect Coach

As I started with Obino and stepped into a world of making small lifestyle changes and going step by step with the diet and activity routine, everything seemed to fall into place. I learned to cut down extra calories in food by making little modifications like using less oil for cooking and switching to a healthier option. I realized thyroid could be balanced with a healthy diet and exercise. My diet coach gave me great options for swapping fried and unhealthy snacks with healthier ones. I started eating a very balanced diet and ofcourse, balancing my life.

I am thankful to Obino for changing my life. Glad I chose you because here I am today feeling energetic, confident, healthy and happy with my body. My health issues have vanished and I live a very healthy lifestyle now.

Advice to others

I have only one advice, stop procrastinating and delaying working towards your goals and start it now. There is no tomorrow, it has to be today. Also, for everyone who feels dieting is a huge effort, I learned dieting isn’t an effort because it only means eating normal and healthy. It has to be a part of our life.

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