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Hit A Weight Plateau? Now Know Why!

Been dieting like crazy and working out till you’re ready to drop, but your stubborn weight just refuses to budge?

Well, some studies and experts say you could be Leptin Resistant…What’s that, you say? For the short version, read our Summary & watch the Crux of the video…


Leptin is a hormone that – from your food intake & existing fat stores – figures out if it’s feasting or famine time. If it’s feast time, then it tells your brain to speed up metabolism & suppress appetite, leading to weight loss. But if it senses a famine, then the reverse occurs, leading to fat storage & weight-gain. But if you’re Leptin resistant, then the brain simply doesn’t get the ‘Feast Time’ message and stays perpetually in Famine mode! Ouch! That means your body is actively fighting your efforts to lose weight. Not nice at all!

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Crux of the Video

Watching from 2:00 to 5:00 should give you the meat of the story.



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