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A Healthy Twist to Indian Comfort Foods!

So, what is a Comfort Food exactly?

Comfort foods are mostly foods eaten traditionally, that are easily available or with a modicum of simple preparation, which are the generally the source of undesirable calories and often tagged with nostalgic feelings!

With our high-stress lifestyles, we are all guilty of indulging in Comfort foods now and then and we here at ObiNo decided to help figure out how to give a Healthy Twist to the traditional indian Comfort Foods so that you can indulge occasionally without an additional helping of guilt 🙂

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Super-light Bhel Puri?

2014.11.28 - A healthy twist to indian comfort foods - image1 - bhel-puriBhel Puri, a mouth watering street food can easily be made more friendly for the health-conscious. Try these simple twists to make a healthier and equally yummy version of the ubiquitous Bhel Puri…

  • Use Puffed rice (kurmura)
  • Use Roasted rice flakes (poha) instead of sev
  • User hand crushed khakra instead of puri
  • Dump in lots of veggies – chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber, coriander/ mint, grated green mango (kairi)
  • Dash in some Pomogranate to add to sweet taste in a healthy manner
  • Add in Lemon juice and chaat masala to taste

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Healthy Paranthas?

2014.11.28 - A healthy twist to indian comfort foods - image2 - Paneer-Tamatar-Paratha-(-Low-Calorie-Healthy-CookingParanthas, a punjabi delicacy that’s now common all across the country. The traditional versions typically take a ‘snaan’ (bath) in ghee so that you can barely manage to move an inch after tucking into this yummy flatbread but there is another way…

  • Stuff the Parantha with a healthy puree of veggies like raddish/ carrot/ capsicum/ cabbage/ onion over the traditional Aloo stuffing
  • Skip the ghee & use a non-stick pan to get the same crispness minus the calories
  • Resist the urge to use butter for the glaze/ garnish
  • Pair it with a curd dip for a healthier combo

We hope you liked the simple easy healthy twists to common Comfort Foods 🙂

Watch this space for more tips on how to make your Favorite Burgers, Chips and Soft Drinks healthier…

Coming soon only on ObiNo!

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