Good Diet & Lifestyle Reversed My Pre-Diabetic Condition
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Good Diet & Lifestyle Reversed My Pre-Diabetic Condition

I am Sunil Jadhav, a Civil Engineer by profession. Here’s my story about getting from fit to unhealthy and back to being fit. I am sure many of you will relate to the reasons that caused weight gain in my body because that’s the lifestyle currently with almost everyone. Good Diet & Lifestyle Reversed My Pre-Diabetic Condition.

I left home really early just to be on time for work. This lead to skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast caused overeating and cravings for junk food. Post office hours munching included samosas, fried snacks, and tea. I faced a lot of stomach bloating and acidity. Late night works causing lack of sleep and a desk job was an add-on. All of this in return only made my body stressed. My energy levels went down making me lethargic. All of this was only driving me all the more to a carb-rich diet.

The Health Shock

In the Month of Jan 2017, my wife insisted for routine body check-up as her Organisation had organized health check-up camps tied with various clinics. The reports shocked me! I was at a pre-diabetic stage.  Till now I used to think that Diabetes is hereditary, but post doctor’s consultation I came to know its due to change in today’s lifestyle and overconsumption of junk and processed foods daily life due to busy work schedule. I decided I didn’t want to go on a medication course forever. That’s when I decided it’s the time to get out of this, lose some weight and get back to being healthy.

Coming Across Obino

Through the clinic, I was introduced to Obino App. It was a perfect solution for me as I had no time to visit a dietician due to a busy schedule.  Everything was available ONLINE; Diet, fitness, motivational articles, clients reviews and much more. After enrolling with Obino, Coach Rachel and Fitness Coach Kalpesh Jyoshi were assigned to me. The training program helped a lot and was very effective.

The Journey To Health Began with Obino

Obino’s coaching helped me lose almost 9 kilos of weight in 3 months. Before joining Obino I weighed 82 kilos and now its 73.2 kilos. Eating as per the diet plan according to the schedule was more effective as it helped me control hunger pangs and cravings and I stopped the habit of munching on junk food. The results were visible every week as we targeted a loss of 500 g per week.

My Learning

Discipline is the most important thing one should implement in Diet as well as in Fitness. After joining Obino it was tough but not impossible to change eating habits, quit junk foods and make changes in daily routine. I have started waking up early, sleeping on time and exercising every day. I also quit sugar completely from the diet.

My Advice To You

No gain without pain, that’s what I would like to tell people who are struggling to lose weight. One should stick to the goal. It’s not only Obino’s coaches, but your dedication is of utmost importance and it requires teamwork to get the job done.



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