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I Found Obino Interesting & Promising

Ramya lost 6.5 kilos and 13 inches in 5 months the healthy way.

I am 37 years old & a nurse by profession. I found Obino interesting & promising. Because, pregnancy, workload, and lack of workout resulted in a large weight gain in my case. The weight gain made me very lethargic and caused bad food habits. A desk job left no time for exercise, making weight loss difficult.

I used to think about wanting to lose weight every day but always postponed it to a Monday. But once I got my blood test reports, it alarmed me & my doctor told me that losing weight was essential or there is a risk of diabetes. I took this up as a challenge. I decided I had to walk the healthy path. So I started looking for solutions that would cater best for my problem.

Obino was my weight loss solution

While looking for solutions for my weight loss, I came across Obino on Play Store. I found it very interesting & promising and enrolled for a program. The Obino coaches are helping me a lot in planning my diet & fitness. They made me switch to a healthier lifestyle and helped me follow my diet to achieve desired results with the help of an app.

Greatest Breakthrough 

My greatest breakthrough during the weight loss journey was that I felt very energetic and refreshed. Every inch lost motivated me to keep doing. Exercise regime and diet modifications are given by the coach were as per my interests which helped me stay on track.

Advice to others  

We all know what’s best for us, all we have to do is make up our mind and keep doing it! The results may take some time, yet we should keep giving our best, the destination will be far but will definitely be wonderful!

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