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I Feel Healthy Fit & Confident

Rasheed Naduvath Valappil lost 17 kilos in 5 months. Read his story.

The Sitting Job

Being a finance manager at an MNC in Qatar put me into sitting for extensive hours in the office. You don’t realize for how long have you been sitting when you really need to finish the work at hand. All of this lead to the predictable, weight gain! It took a while for the alert bell to ring until I touched 90 kilos. I realized it was high time and I needed to seek help from a professional. I needed a lifestyle change.

Obino – My Rescue Hero

I was fortunate to find Obino as I searched and I started my weight loss journey with diet coach Kinjal Shah and fitness coach Aashay Hatkar at Obino. I must say, they were the best for me. They helped me balance my diet and workout schedule. My dietician was available all the time to answer my queries and concerns. They did not give me any ready-made diet, they gave me a personalized diet plan which are the same foods I am familiar together with healthy substitution.  I started working out very regularly. All of this became a part of my daily routine. I never thought that my belly which was at 41 inches would go down to 33 inches. It is the most amazing feeling. You feel so confident when you feel healthy and fit.

Make The Impossible Possible

I thank Obino and would recommend everyone who needs a change to join Obino and experience a healthy lifestyle. It made me believe that the impossible can become possible when your determination is strong.

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