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Saaziya Syed is a Nutritionist who has pursued her Masters Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from SNDT Women’s University (Juhu) and has 5+ years of experience in this field. She is associated with the NSI (Nutrition Society of India). She has a dedicated and a positive approach while counseling. Her motto is to provide health to everyone in a way which is in accordance with their convenience to achieve desired results. She believes in living life to the fullest. But to live life to its best, health is indubitably important as it is rightly said “Health is Wealth”. You should eat what you like but at the same time balance out the right Quality and Quantity. “Live Life Health-Size”.


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Rashi Mundhra is a Post Graduate with specialization in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition. She has 5+ years of work experience in the field of Weight Loss and Counseling. She strongly believes that a role of a Dietician is not just planning diets related to weight loss but a full-fledged role wherein the needs of clients is gauged through effective counseling skills to provide the best health package according to the body composition and lifestyle of the client. An expert dietician should be able to explain to the clients effectively on the most suitable diet plan. Rashi’s coaching mantra is simple – customer’s health is her priority and she goes an extra mile to make sure she maintains a one on one association that not only ensures short term goals but even looks forward to a brighter and healthier future for her clients.

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Komal Lad is a Post Graduate with a specialization in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from SNDT Women’s University (Juhu), and holds a 6+ years of experience in Weight loss counselling and Clinical Nutrition. She herself is an avid foodie and a travel enthusiast. As we all know, To live one must eat. But, we not only eat to live, what we eat also affects our ability to keep healthy, do work, to be happy and to live well. Knowledge of what to eat and in what quantities is a prerequisite to the healthy and happy life. As a Health Coach she believes that in today’s fast paced lifestyle, it is important not just to be Nutritionally Aware but also be aware of other factors like stress, lifestyle disorders and sleep pattern which affect the body! Nutrition and Lifestyle counselling and inculcating the right healthy eating habits is her passion. Its Health, the greatest of all we count as blessings!!

Guest Blogger - Priya Jain


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Priya Jain is a Clinical Nutritionist by qualification – with 6+ years of experience in multi-specialty hospitals like Hinduja Hospital, Hurkisondas Hospital – and a Health Counsellor by choice!

With a flair for communication, she has authored articles for Reader’s Digest, Frozen Thoughts, Healthmeup.com & has a special competence in designing engaging Nutritional Education materials!
She is a Registered Dietician with the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) & a Gold Medalist in her M.Sc. Food and Nutrition degree from Madras University!

And this is what she has to say…

‘I believe in achieving dietary goals and lifestyle modifications without missing on the meaningful moments of the life. The key to this is making judicious eating choices and having a healthy flexitarian approach.’

Guest Blogger - Zaunty Gupta


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Zaunty Gupta uses real life examples from every day experiences to help illustrate new perspectives so that people can make changes in their own lives to what they say they want to be, do and have. His vision is to empower and inspire women and men internationally to be the best they can in thought, word and deed.

People he works with, who range from corporate executives, businessmen and women, housewives and kids have experienced weight loss, muscle gain and and gained the ability to cultivate healthy relationships with their lifestyles in the matters of health and fitness. His Qualifications include:

Certified sports nutrition counsellor from K11, India’s premier fitness and nutrition institute.

Certification in Kids nutrition from NESTA (National exercise and sports trainer association, USA).

Lifestyle weight management Coaching from NESTA

Professional Certified Life Coach and Master Spiritual Coach with the ICF – International Coach Federation)

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming from Vitality living college.

Hypnotherapy level1 from CHII

Counselling Psychologist & Certified EFT Practitioner - Puja Kantha AlfredPUJA KANTH ALFRED : COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGIST & CERTIFIED EFT PRACTITIONER

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Puja Kanth Alfred is a Counseling Psychologist and a Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner.

And in her 10+ years of therapy experience, has effectively used counselling and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to resolve emotional and psycho-somatic problems. She works with clients all over the globe through Skype and is passionate about helping individuals heal from emotional issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, sexual abuse & stress. She has seen that healing emotional problems can also help resolve body image and weight related issues. Her Qualifications include:

Certified EFT Intermediate practitioner – EFT universe Certification Program (USA)

AAMET EFT level 2 Practitioner (UK)

EFT CERT I - Certification program by the Founder of EFT


M.A  in Psychology,  University of Delhi

Member of APA ( American Psychological Association)

Website: www.emofreetherapy.com |  Blog: www.eftforpeace.wordpress.com


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Certified Group Fitness Instructor – American Council on Exercise (ACE), 

Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT) – Model for Exercise Program Design, 

Certified Fitness Trainer – International Sports Sciences Association California (ISSA), 

Certified Five Step Back Solution – International Sports Sciences Association California (ISSA), 

AHA CPR Certified. 

For me fitness is a way of life. It cannot be momentary, a fad or a quick fix.

I believe that it is as imperative to nurture the body as the mind. Some of the best parts of my day are when my students share how happy they are that their bodies are changing through the work that we do together. It is an amazing osmotic phenomenon; one that gives and takes happiness and health on both sides.”

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