Eating Healthy On the Go
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Eating Healthy On the Go

We live the rat race everyday and most of the times, we eat like one! In this age of fast-tracking every opportunity, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves does not always mean making those scheduled appointments to the spa but taking that little effort to enrich our body and mind with healthy meals. The term healthy meals often fall prey to the preconceived notion of spending too much time in the market followed by the kitchen. But with the availability of healthy food joints right on your fingertips, this task can well be ticked, done.

But what we often forget while opting for these on-the-go meals is a matter of choice. A choice to wisely choose the time of the meal, portion size and creativity.

These tips will help you choose healthy meals on the go wisely;

Tip 1: Keep your bag loaded

Whenever you step out of your house or office, always ensure that your bag is filled with some munchies such as nuts, seeds or a fruit. This helps in avoiding starvation and binge eating.

Tip 2: Never stay hungry

Staying hungry is never the option. A filled stomach helps in better thinking. So if you intend to make the right decisions and keep your emotions on tap, eat.

Tip 3: Keep your meals light

At times, it is unavoidable to choose a cuisine when dining with professional company. At such times, find the healthiest option and try and keep it as light as you can, not on the portion size but the heaviness of the meal. This will also avoid bloating or discomfort during a meeting.

Tip 4: Avoid sides

Sides are the biggest culprits. They look light but are the heaviest on your stomach as well as your pockets. So ditch those oily appetizers and french fries next time.

Tip 5: No more binge eating

Binge eating is usually an outcome of staying hungry for a long duration. If you feel very hungry before a meal, start your meal with 2 full glasses of water or salad to avoid overeating and regretting later on.

Tip 6: Water your needs

Water needs to be with you at all times, whether you feel the need or not. Sip water every 15 minutes to avoid dehydration. Drinking 3-4 liters of water also helps in boosting metabolism and keeps your bingeing in check.

Tip 7: Avoid wafers and cookies

Wafers and cookies do not make it to the list of light meals. The oil and sugar are a strict no-no even in small quantity. Try to replace them with nuts or roasted snacks.

Tip 8: Fruits are life savers

Fruits can not only compensate for your meal but also your favorite sides. Try creating healthy dips with your fruits to make them interesting.

Tip 9: Your palm is your platter

When in doubt pull your hand out. Portion size is the biggest dilemma of health industry. The best way to treat this dilemma is to use your palm as an ideal portion size for all kinds of meals.

Tip 10: Be creative

Diet is not boring. Use your creativity to make your meals interesting. Try out dips, sauces and even cuisines to surprise your palate.

With these simple tips, you can not only keep your weight in check but also your cuts and curves that often diminish due to hectic routines.

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