Conquer Diabetes | Make Healthy Lifestyle Your Medicine
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Conquer Diabetes | Make Healthy Lifestyle Your Medicine

Read how Deepali conquered her diabetes and in turn lost 8 kilos in just two months gaining immense mental peace

Undirected Path & Difficult Days

Three months earlier I was unhappy regarding my diabetic condition, I moved from oral medications to insulin and it never seemed to improve. My insulin doses increased after every doctor’s consult. Schedules were erratic in terms of my food intake and no physical activity. I was lost and was losing hope. Then I happened to meet my brother in law at a family gathering and shared my grievances with him, he empathized with me and enlightened me about how his life changed after Obino. He asked me to give it a try since I have already tried all possible medications and there would be someone personally to monitor and care for me. So try this conquer diabetes | make a healthy lifestyle your medicine.
This was the turning point for me as I never focused on my eating habits.

I am Deepali, a homemaker, aged 45, a diabetic and this is my journey with Obino…

My glorious days have just begun

After joining Obino, since my life was erratic, the initial few diet charts were a challenge, there was a lot of internal resistance, but I knew from within that this was the last straw to break the camel’s back. I slowly and steadily started abiding by the principles of healthy eating and started my walking regime of 4 km every day. I had decided that I would take each day at a time. Today healthy eating, exercise and my coach’s motivation have become my daily dose of medication. I feel an inner sense of achievement which makes me wonder if Obino could have come sooner into my life I would not have gone knocking on every doctor’s door to help me with my condition. But it is never late. Today I feel a huge sense of achievement and am very happy with my results.

Compassion unmatched…My COACH

My coach Pranita is very supportive, she is my alarm clock. She calls me regularly and keeps reminding me that I need to try my best to be on track. I look forward to her calls, because of her sweet, endearing voice and caring concern makes me feel important. Pranita, tell me always that even if I follow 70% I will be nearer to my goal and I would be happy at the end of the day. Her proactive approach to counseling defines her never-dying spirit.
I love her regular follow-ups, her concern for my health, her constant reminding nature as her classic traits which makes me love Obino.
I am extremely happy and pleased with my journey and would recommend it to whoever I come across.

Obino – My strength! My guide!

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